Is The Smoothie Vegetarians just for vegans?

No! We provide resources and products for anyone interested in a plant based diet and lifestyle, whether vegetarian, vegetarian, Raw Foodist or simply curious about how to live more sustainably and cruelty-free.

What is plant based?

There are two ways to look at this: a plant based diet and a plant based lifestyle. A plant based diet is one that excludes all forms of animal products, including foods, dairy, eggs, animal fats and byproducts. On top of that, the focus is on eating fruits, veggies nuts and seeds. 

A plant based lifestyle, we believe, takes things a bit further, placing a value emphasis on the environment. What this looks like is substituting consumerist irresponsibility with sustainability. Plastic does not biodegrade, meaning when we throw it out, it has to go somewhere. All of the plastic we throw out that cannot be recycled gets dumped into landfills... or worse: it ends up in our watersheds. When this happens, marine animals like sea turtles see plastic items and mistake them for food. They eat them and it kills them. Living a plant based lifestyle includes substituting single use plastic products with bamboo, hemp and other eco-conscious, reusable or at the very least biodegradable material. 

What is vegan?

Again, we’ll parse the diet vs lifestyle. A vegan diet means abstaining from the use and consumption of animal products and byproducts. A vegan lifestyle is one that abstains from wearing and using animal products and byproducts like leather, beer with isinglass, shell necklaces and shark teeth, etc.

 (I know...those are really random examples, but you get the idea.)

Not all plant based persons are vegan; not all vegans are necessarily plant based. Yes, this is very confusing. We at The Smoothie Vegetarians like to keep it simple: just eat plants. Eat plants, don’t wear, use or eat animals...and drink more smoothies.


How is vegetarian different than vegan?

Vegetarian is more of a diet description than a lifestyle, and involves abstaining from eating the flesh of animals but not necessarily all animal products. For example, vegetarians may be lacto-vegetarian (consuming dairy), lacto-ovo vegetarian (consuming dairy and eggs), or neither. Individuals may be vegetarian for ethical, religious, personal conviction or health reasons.

What is raw foodist?

A Raw Foodist is one who consumes mostly raw (usually) plant foods and plant food derivatives in their unprocessed, uncooked form. A Raw Foodist diet may include a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and even fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha. Raw Foodists may be vegetarian, vegan or neither.

Many Raw Foodists believe that cooking food destroys most of the enzymes and reduces its nutritional capacity. The body, they believe, is able to render more of the nutritional value in food by consuming it raw.

Disclaimer; Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. We are NOT advocating a Raw Foodist diet including raw meat.

Who are the smoothie vegetarians?

We are a collective of environmentally-conscious, cruelty-free human bodies aiming to improve the planet…one smoothie at a time.

From the creaky cabinets and tiny old kitchen in a humble apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, The Smoothie Vegetarians was born. Our original members wanted to provide support, encouragement and resources to other people interested in improving their health and lifestyle by adopting a plant based diet and lifestyle. Today, we are several hundred members strong, with resources in over 13 countries. We are vegans. We are vegetarians. We are Raw Foodists. We are you.