The Basics of Essential Oils: Top 10 Oils Everyone Should Have


The Basics of Essential Oils: Top 10 Oils Everyone Should Have

Recently I have done a whole lot of research in different ways I can incorporate essential oils into my day to day life. The information I found was so mind blowing that I just had to share it with you guys. Before I get started I would like to say that I am not a doctor, I do not suggest ignoring a medical professional advice. I believe knowledge is power and in this case the results will speak for themselves. I hope by reading this post you will have an opportunity to open and expand your mind to a different way of healing. This is quite possibly the oldest way of healing. 

Essential oils have been used for healing for as long as humans have been writing things down. Healers would take different plants and grind them together to make medicines. In the Bible, it says that a bottle of lavender essential oil would be worth a year wages. So you know it was very valuable.

There is so much information about essential oils that I have decided to break it up into a few different posts. In this post, I am going to go over the top ten essential oils. These will be the most useful oils, the ones that everyone should keep on hand!

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1. Lavender

- Helps with anxiety

- Relieve pain

- Disinfect skin and scalp

- Calming for cuts and burns

- Ease anxiety

- Ease depression

- Relaxing

- Enhances sleep

2. Tea Tree Oil

- Help clear up skin rashes

- Can help get rid of and keep mold/fungus away

- Can be used in deodorants

- Natural lice repellent

- Can be used to disinfect cuts

- Can be used to treat acne

- Can be used to treat athletes foot

- Help reduce insect bites

- Can treat ear infections

3. Peppermint Oil

- Can help respiratory issues

- Relieve digestive discomfort

- Soothes pain

- Soothes headaches

- Reduce fevers

- Can be used to treat acid reflux

4. Lemon Oil

- Very helpful for detox

- Can help balance pH balances

- Help relieve allergies

- Help treat gout

- Can treat kidney stones

- Uplift mood

5. Frankincense Oil

- Reduce age spots and sun spots

- Boost immune system

- Can treat most skin conditions

- Relieves Headaches

- Helps with relaxation

- Reduce depression and anxiety

- Help heal wounds

- Help heal scars

- Help with thyroid issues

6. Oregano Oil

- Helps with virus infections

- Can help reduce fungus

- Can treat flu and colds

- Boosts immune system

- Can be used to treat ulcers

- Can be used to treat parasites

- Can be used to treat warts

7. Lemongrass Oil

- Can treat diarrhea

- Help relieve nerve pain

- Relieves muscle pain

- Anti-perspirant

8. Eucalyptus Oil

- Can treat coughs

- Can help treat the symptoms of asthma

- Can treat congestion

- Relieve respiratory issues

- Treat sinus issues

- Treat bronchitis

- Help reduce allergies

- Relieve pains

9. Wild Orange

- Soothes upset stomach

- anti-bacterial

- Helps with anxiety

- Helps with depression

10. Clary Sage Oil

- Helps with depression

- Helps with anxiety

- Reduce hot flashes

- Help balancing hormones

- Help treat inflammation

- Help treat PMS

- Help treat cramps

- Help treat infertility

This list barely scratched the surface of the oils out there. When you purchase essential oils make sure you are buying the highest grade possible. 

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