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Urban Foraging: A Beginner's Guide

'd noticed the crabapple trees the week before as I drove past the apartment complex.  The familiar rosy fruit was so laden on these trees, they looked in danger of tearing themselves apart.  I made a mental note of their location and returned a week later with a couple of large buckets.  As I started to pick fruit, I looked for unblemished skins, both ripe and underripe fruit.  I worked quickly, smiling and greeting anyone who walked past.  In a half hour, I’d picked maybe three gallons of fruit, all destined to become crabapple jelly.  Later, I answered an ad on Craigslist offering for someone, ANYONE, to please collect all the black walnuts from a suburban lawn.  I was already plotting how to dry and husk them, dreaming of baked winter goods studded with walnuts.  Even with my efforts, I barely scratch the surface of the possibilities within my hometown city limits.

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How To Survive Going Out To Eat With Your Family As A Vegetarian

Okay guys, let's talk about our families for a moment here. If you have been a vegetarian for any length of time you know that there are people who insist you are wrong for your choice not to eat meat. These are the people who stop you in the food line at functions and tell you how silly you are for not eating meat. They may call you a hippy or my personal favorite, ask you why you are eating the animal's food if you care so much about them. So, these people are all up in your face about their opinions on your lifestyle.

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