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Vegan Taco Nut Meat Recipe

About five years ago I worked in a Raw Vegan Cafe. One of the things I learned to cook while I worked there was Taco Nut Meat. It also happened to be my favorite thing! What I liked about it best was that it was close to "regular" taco meat, but only better. This is not only 100% vegan it is 100% RAW vegan.

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How to Transition to a Fully Raw Plant Foods Diet as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

A raw food lifestyle is one which focuses on changing certain habits and practices into what I deem as healthy ones. The main shift  to make is to incorporate fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds (  the latter two at a minimum), in their natural, whole in season forms, with no added heat nor extreme low temperatures(freezing) as your source of foods on a permanent/long term basis.

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