Going Back Vegetarian from Low-Carb? Read this First.

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Going Back Vegetarian from Low-Carb? Read this First.

Prevent digestive upset after a low carb diet. Avoid eating grains. Don’t overindulge in eating healthy sugars. Planning your transition from a low carb or keto diet to vegetarian may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Go Easy on Grains.

Grains are a worldwide staple food and are responsible for the industrialization of human civilization. It’s undeniable that grains have impacted the planet significantly, but methods for processing them into edible food has been altered through the years. While modern grain milling is fast and efficient, removes the most nutritionally dense material in the process. What’s left is nutrient-void white flour. 

It is this processed white flour, dietitians believe, that is responsible for the digestive upset experienced by so many after eating breads, baked goods and cereals. 

60-70% of Americans are living with digestive disease. 

For many, eating whole grain foods are a healthy part of their diet. For others who suffer with Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, wheat intolerance, leaky gut syndrome or gluten sensitivity, eating grains can be painful and even dangerous.

Though different from an allergy, wheat intolerance may be an unintended result of long-term low carb dieting. It may have even contributed to Celiac Disease according to one source.

To avoid digestive upset when going vegetarian after a low carb diet, avoid eating foods like sandwiches, pastries, and cereals. 

Consider incorporating green smoothies into your diet. Add nutrient-dense foods from multiple food groups to your smoothies for a balanced meal that will provide sustained energy over time.

Smoothie Recipes to Try:

Banana + Raspberries + Spinach + Chlorella + Raw Unsalted Cashews + Hemp Seed Milk

Blueberries + Chia Seeds + Hemp Seeds + Ground Flaxseed + Banana + Almond Milk 

The fiber in these smoothies will help with satiety. The proteins will provide sustain energy and the natural sugar in the fruit will provide your body with healthy carbohydrates.

Avoid Eating Too Much Sugar

Though smoothies are a great addition to a vegetarian diet and fit in perfectly with a busy, working professional’s lifestyle, overdoing it on the sugar can cause more harm than good.  In fact, consuming too much sugary food can cause insulin spikes, a rush or manic sensation and an eventual crash. What you may think will be your source of get-up-and-go may leave you dozing off and in search of a pillow.

It may be tempting to eat ALL THE sweets after having experienced the mostly savory gastronomic experiences typical with low carb and keto fare. However, try to avoid eating too much sugar, even that found in healthy, organic fruit. Enjoy sweets in moderation, and remember to balance them with plant-based proteins and healthy fats like avocados.

Your decision to become a vegetarian after a low carb diet means you’re in good company.

7.3 million Americans are vegetarians.

What’s more: of those, about 1 million are vegans. With so many people choosing to exclude animal foods from their diet, there are plenty of channels on YouTube, social media influencers and even Facebook groups for you to use for support and recipe inspiration.

In fact, if you’re ever in a pinch, browse The Smoothie Vegetarians for a great recipe to try on the fly. 

Vegetarian Meal Prep like a PRO.

It's easy to get caught up in the business of a hectic week. While our Mondays may be ambitious and well intentioned, after a few meetings and a busy schedule we’re ready to meet up for a few beverages at Taco Tuesday with the friends. 

Meal prep, is the solution to the trap of poor decisions on an empty stomach on-the-go.

Meal Prep your Smoothies

Combine your smoothie ingredients, measured out in individual servings, in reusable glass storage containers and refrigerate them. Prepare enough for each day of the week. Simply grab a container and pour it’s contents in the blender for a quick meal on the go. 

Here is a list of foods we recommend preparing ahead of time and keeping them on hand in the fridge to fight The Hangry:

  • Mixed Nuts. (We recommend buying your own organic, raw nuts and seeds in bulk from your local Co-op and mixing them yourself in recycled tins and food containers.) 

  • Fresh Fruit. Self explanatory! Fruits like grapes, berries and dates are totally like prefab meal prep!

  • Nut “Meats” & Milks. Foods that require advance prep such as nut meats and nut milks should be prepared before your week starts in enough batches to last you a few days.

Do Just ONE Thing

As a part of the @hamiltonperkins #DoJustONEThing initiative, we recommend pouring your smoothie into a reusable glass water bottle to take with you out the door on your way to work or class. Cutting out plastic or one-time use packaging can help save the environment. Do just one thing each day and do your part to save our planet.

While #DoJustONEThing may not make your transition to vegetarian after a low carb diet any easier, it will help you heal the planet. For more information about how to ease your transition from a low carb diet to vegetarianism, contact us today. We’d love to share our experience, strength and hope with you mono-y-mono. Also, check out The Smoothie Vegetarians for more great vegan and vegetarian recipes!