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Healthy Plant Based Breakfast Ideas

Lately, I have been loving having a lot of different things for breakfast in the morning. For breakfast this week I had some roasted potatoes topped with ranch chickpeas, red bell pepper, mushroom, and avocado. Then I usually season that with onion powder, garlic, and nutritional yeast. Then I will put some fruit on the side. Another thing I like to do is make waffles topped with cashew butter and chocolate chips.
I also like to have some yogurts on the side. I have recently started trying some plant based yogurts and I have really been liking So Delicious.

I love doing potatoes and greens topped with chickpeas and avocados in the morning. Another thing I like doing is having some good bagels with a lot of toppings on the side.

It can be fun to play around with a lot of new breakfast recipes and see what flavors can be combined. I have been doing a lot more of this lately and people always get so excited when they see my food.

Vegan Cooking for Beginners: Where to start?

Interested in moving to a Vegan lifestyle? Many people are really interested in the concept, but in practice, it can seem extremely scary to actually do. In order to ensure that you are able to get the biggest benefits possible from the Vegan lifestyle, it is important that you make some serious changes that are designed to last for good. This means that it is very important to start from the beginning and begin making some small changes that you can actually sustain for a long time.

 In order to really get started with Vegan cooking, you need to start assessing your current eating habits. If you normally eat meat for every meal every day you are likely to experience severe problems switching to a Vegan lifestyle immediately. In order to get started successfully you should typically look for ways that you can start slowly. This would mean limiting the meat that you eat slowly and incorporating additional vegetables and fruits into your diet. To start you need to of course know how mu…

Easy Vegan Meal Ideas

When life gets busy, it can be helpful to have some quick recipes and meal ideas to help with getting through the day. Here are some good ideas for when you want some delicious foods.
These recipes can be helpful if you want to snack or you can make larger portions for a full meal.

The first idea is a chicken alternative with an Asian themed side dish. Trader Joes seems to have a lot of good frozen options that can go well with this. Gardein can also be bought at a lot of grocery stores and it comes with a lot of good meat alternatives. I like to use either Gardein or one of the Trader Joes meat alternatives to make dishes like these.

There is also Kung Pao cauliflower which is also really good. If you cook it for a bit longer than what the package says it will also ake the cauliflower more crispy if that is your preference. On the side I sometimes like to have some veggie spring rolls dipped in a spicy sauce. I will either pair this with rice or noodles.

Another good dish I love bee…