Vegan Breakfast Recipe Ideas

One of my favorite things to make in the morning has been potatoes with veggies and chickpeas. I usually also like a sauce to go with that. I also like to have this on the side and it can also be served with some tofu scramble and fruit or yogurt as well if thats what you want to eat.

First I roast some potatoes in the oven then when they are done, then after I take them out I top them with nutritional yeast, garlic, and chives. I also like to use Biena ranch chickpea, spinach, and avocado. I love putting a bean salsa on top of the food as well to make it spicy and bring out more flavor. I also like to make onion bagels and I like to use with the GoVeggie or Tofutti cream cheese. I like top to my bagels with nutritional yeast, chives, and pink Himalayan sea salt. I also like to make sandwiches with the bagels sometimes. You can make some vegan sausage patties and put them inside the bagel. Sometimes I also put tofu scramble in them as well. I want to keep playing around with new spices and toppings also.

I like to have some coffee on the side and it is always great to customize some ingredients along with it. I look forward to sharing more breakfast recipes with you all in the future and I hope you enjoy if you try this!


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