Looking for some Quick, Inexpensive Vegan Dishes? Check this out!

This week's post is for all the broke vegans, busy moms and dads and for anyone who is too tired to cook when they get home.

All you need to do is get a good meal starter and the rest is easy. This week I used potatoes. They pair with just about anything. You can use them with peppers, onions, mushrooms or whatever vegetables you may have on hand. You can also use different spices to change the flavor profile. They are wonderful in soups, stews and are versatile enough to use in any ethnic dish!

The main ingredients that I started with today were a bunch of red skinned potatoes (that honestly had seen better days) and a few heads of garlic. I scrubbed the potatoes and cut them in half, cut the tops off the garlic and lightly oiled a sheet pan. I then placed the potatoes face down along with the garlic and put the oven on 350 degrees. The house smelled amazing!

I am going to show you three great inexpensive meals thrown together with stuff I had in the house. I encourage you to use whatever stuff you have home to build on these recipes to come up with your versions. Delicious does not need to be expensive.

I made about 14 red potatoes and after putting together three dishes I still have quite a few left to use as meal starters for the rest of the week.  Think of the possibilities! And the majority of the prep work will be done.

I peeled the roasted garlic and put what I wasn't going to use in a jar and covered it with olive oil. I will be using this during the week and after the oil is infused with that roasted garlic it will be perfect in a salad dressing or marinade.

A couple of facts you may not know about potatoes:

- they are low in fat and high in fiber
- they are a great source of Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant and are also rich in potassium.

Garlic also has a lot of health benefits.
-  it is enriched with vitamins including Vitamin B6
- low in calories and fat
- and is sometimes used for medicinal purposes

Dish #1
For my layered salad I used what I had on hand:

Romaine lettuce
3 peeled* carrots (I wanted to spice things up a bit so I steamed them a bit in water and then tossed them with maple syrup and some balsamic vinegar)
1 large beet (which I baked until it was tender)
1 roasted potato (you can add more if you wish)
green onion

After I peeled the beet (for those that don't know your hands will get stained, I usually run the beet under cold water and scrub the skin off) I then diced it and sauteed it in the same maple syrup and balsamic mixture.  ( I made another batch for the beets).

I put the warm beets over the lettuce and celery, added my potato and topped with the room temperature carrots. For my dressing, I poured the remaining syrup on top. A little green onion and you have a beautiful main course.


* after I washed the carrots and peeled them, I added them to my dog's dry food. Dixie, my black Lab loves carrots! Nothing goes to waste!

Dish #2:
Another salad idea

1 Tomato
1 Roasted Potato
Salt Pepper
Tarragon (I had some in my freezer but any herb of your choice will work)
Celery (if you want crunch)
Balsamic glaze (I love to drizzle balsamic glaze on everything but you can use your favorite salad dressing)

Dish #3
Another quick, easy side dish

Roasted garlic
Salt and pepper
green onion (chopped)

Saute some of the potatoes in a bit of olive oil with some of the roasted garlic until golden brown,
I added some dried rosemary that I had previously grown, topped with green onion, salt and pepper.

The options are endless.

Hope you love these ideas as much as I do, until next time, happy cooking!

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