Healthy Snacks

Sometimes when you are in a pinch it can be a bit of a struggle to eat healthy. Sometimes you run out of produce when you are out and may have to settle for some packaged foods. There are some better options to reach for when you want to get a snack. There are definitely some good brands out there that I love getting for when I have a busy work day. Some of these snacks can be good for dipping in salsa or hummus, or any other dip. A lot of these snacks shown also have other flavors in that kind that are also really good to try out.

I love all of the products I have tried by a brand called The Daily Crave so far. I love eating these as a snack with some hummus or you could find any other dip that may go well with this. I enjoy any sort of spread that can be eaten with this and you can also top it with some veggies as well. There are also some other really good flavors including tomato basil, barbeque, salt and vinegar, and sriracha. They have veggie, lentil, and quinoa chips that are all really good. There are also a lot of varieties to choose from.

Another brand I like is Vegan Robs because they have a lot of good products and they all have a cheesy flavor to them. They are vegetable based and are usually made from cauliflower, brussel sprouts, beet, jackfruit, or other veggies. Their brand has puffs, chips, popcorn, and other snacks.
Another brand is Primizie, which is a brand of flatbread crisps that also come in a lot of different flavors.

Another thing I have tried is from the brand Chickpeatos. I have tried the rosemary flavor from this brand it was worth trying. I have also tried some other brands of dried chickpeas and it is a healthy snack that can be a good alternative for some other ones. If you are looking to transition to some healthier foods, dried chickpeas ca provide some nutrients without sacrificing flavor.

Another good one to try if you are looking for a healthier alternative to deserts is the brand E&C and they have chocolate, cranberry, and white chocolate chunks in their oatmeal bites.

Another brand is HArdbite which has beet, carrot, and other flavors of vegetable-based chips. These can be a much better alternative to potato chips that are high in oil. 


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