Best Delicious Non Dairy Treats

A lot of people think that you have to cut out tasty foods when you go vegan, but good news, it is FAR from the truth! There are many different ice creams out there and cheesecakes that I have tried that I have really enjoyed.

One of the first brands I have tried was Haagen Dazs and I have tried three of their non-dairy flavors including chocolate salted fudge truffle, peanut butter chocolate fudge, and mocha chocolate cookie.

Also, Breyers has an Oreo flavor that is also wonderful. They also have a peanut butter flavor that I would like to try as well. I had the oreo flavor with some fruit and the original flavor of the Daiya Cheesecake. They also have other flavors of the cheesecake including key lime, strawberry, pumpkin, and chocolate.

I also love having some sparkling water, juice, or some kombucha if I am feeling like I want something other than water. This can be a better alternative to sodas if you want something with some flavor that still hits the spot.

I hope to try more of these products as well as trying to make some things like this from scratch. If you want homemade ice cream from plant-based ingredients, what you can do is take frozen bananas or refrigerated coconut milk and blend them up. They can be combined with cacao powder, cinnamon, maple syrup, or vanilla for flavoring. You can also add any fruit if you would like.

I hope you try some of these out and enjoy how delicious vegan treats can be!


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