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My New Favorite Place to Shop!

I live on Long Island and am not sure where most of this chain's stores are located, but if you are near one do yourself a favor and try shopping at ALDI. The first time I stepped into one of these stores was a few days ago and I can"t say enough good things. First, the prices are great, the selection is wonderful and they are "green". No bags, so bring your own. I found unique items at fantastic prices, My cart was full when I left the store but I still had money in my pocket.

This store has a German history and still goes by the same principles that it had when the business
was started in 1913. They believe that great quality shouldn't come at a high price, rather, great quality should come with everyday low prices. The no-frills shopping experience focuses on delivering high quality food items displayed in shipping boxes. Don't look for national brands here though, 90 percent of their items are sold under ALDI exclusive brands. All the ALDI brands are gu…

Eating Healthy Meals at Chain Restaurants (Part 1)

(photos by Danielle)

A lot of people feel like transitioning to a healthier lifestyle will make it more difficult to be in situations like eating out. Going on to eat does not have to be difficult and there are so many articles and youtube videos showing you how to eat healthier/vegan/vegetarian when going to chain restaurants, even when there are not a lot of options. For a while, when I was going out to eat I was eating plant based at home, but struggled to stay that way when I went out. However, this does not have to be the case. You can still go out with friends and family and join in while still staying true to your morals and personal health goals. 
I will be naming some restaurants that I frequently go to and also tell you what I got along with some pictures. I will let you guys know how I navigate the menu when I go out to eat. First of all, I am unable to eat dairy to begin with and get very sick if I happen to have it. To combat this issue, many restaurants have an allergy …

Are You At Your Wit's End?

First, let me apologize for not posting last week but I was literally at my wit's end. What does that even mean? To be at your wit's end means that you are so worried, confused or annoyed that you don't know what to do next. I am sure everyone has felt this way from time to time. Have you ever wondered what to do when you are in this state or where you can turn to that you won't be judged? Many times you feel like you are alone and although you will get through it. It would definitely be easier if you had supportive people around you during the journey.

Could you sit with a group of women and be totally honest?  
Would you feel totally confident that anything you said would not be repeated or discussed outside the group?
 Do you have a place where you can freely speak your mind and not be judged? 
Not many people have this type of outlet but you can have it if you create it.
Two of my very best friends were sitting on a beach a couple of years ago and had just this dis…