My 4 Favorite YouTube Channels for Yoga!

My 4 Favorite YouTube Channels for Yoga!

People are always shocked when I say pretty much everything I have learned about yoga has been through YouTube. While I would love to be able to go to more classes in actual studios, they are just too expensive for me right now. That is why the internet has been so helpful in allowing me to enjoy my passion for yoga. YouTube yoga videos are almost as nice as studio classes, and they are free! All you need is a yoga mat, or even just a nice carpet, and your phone/laptop/ipad. I have been doing online yoga for a couple years now, and I have narrowed down my favorite channels to these four:

Allie has amazing follow-along Yoga videos that are appropriate for all levels. There are great flows for begginers, advanced yogis, and everyone in-between. She also has some challenges such as a 30-Day Pose Challenge, Chakra Challenge, and Yoga Body Bootcamp. These are perfect for people who have trouble staying motivated because challenges can make things more fun!

Brett is another online teacher who posts a wide-range of yoga videos. I swear she has every kind of video you could imagine! There is yoga for kidney stones, back pain, shoulders, prenatal, jet lag, etc. Some of my favorites are her Full Body Detox Flow, the Morning Yoga Routine: Advanced Strengthen and Flow, Yoga to Release Anger, Frustration & Stress in 10 Min. If you have any specific body parts you want to work, give Brett’s channel a search because I am sure you will find the video for you!


2) Alo Yoga


This channel is newer than the others but they have been posting a ton of videos from a variety of well-known yoga teachers! The great thing about having so many different teachers is that they each have a unique style. For people looking to advance their yoga practice, it is essential to learn from new teachers instead of staying in your comfort zone. Also, this is the only channel I am mentioning in this post that includes male teachers! Male yoga teachers are not as common on YouTube as female teachers. So, definitely check out Alo Yoga if you are interested in male teachers.


1)    Boho Beautiful

Ahhh my absolute favorite channel is Boho Beautiful! Juliana and Mark are the sweetest people you can imagine. They travel all around the world and film their yoga videos from crazy locations from elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, to the snowy mountains of Canada, to the sandy beaches of Costa Rica. Juliana’s voice is extremely relaxing yet her flows are pretty fast-paced; I like this because it keeps me interested and I feel like I am breaking a sweat! While most of the flows are quite intermediate to advanced, there are also some slower beginner flows that are just as great! If you have not checked out this channel yet, go try one of the flows right now! J



            I hope you all have enjoyed this post and give these videos a try. Let me know your favorite channels in the comments below!

            See you next time,



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