My 3 Favorite Spiritual Podcast Channels

            Confession Time: In the last year or so, I have become a podcast addict. I listen to podcasts at the gym, while walking to class, while cleaning my room, even while taking a bath. It is quite an obsession. However, I think it is a good thing because some podcasts have completely changed my life. The three I am mentioning in this post, in particular, are incredibly inspirational when it comes to believing in myself, realizing what is truly important in life, and keeping my spirits high when life throws me curveballs.  

1)    Your Own Magic
      This is my favorite podcast of all time. I can honestly say it has changed the way I live my life for the better. Allie Michelle and Raquelle Mantra host this podcast channel with the intention of inspiring and empowering people to live their best life. They interview spiritual thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries from around the world to share their wisdom and knowledge on a variety of topics to help us unleash our own magic. They also have a number of episodes that are on their own, and these episodes are actually my favorites. I look forward to their new episodes every Monday so I can open my ears and my heart to what they have to share that day! There is also a Facebook group for all their loyal podcast listeners to connect with each other and make friends J I have met the most beautiful people through this group.

2)    Highest Self Podcast
      Sahara Rose is the wonderful host of this podcast channel. She is a Certified Ayurvedic, Holistic and Sports Nutritionist who is passionate about bringing ancient spiritual wisdom into our modern lifestyles. Sahara shares her stories of doing volunteer work in over 40 countries, how she got into the wellness world, and encourages listeners to follow their dreams and become their highest selves. She also interviews astounding health experts and Ayurvedic practitioners in effort to awaken people to their mind-body connection. My favorite thing about this podcast is how REAL Sahara is when telling her stories. She explains that you do not have to move to a secluded island and meditate all day to be spiritual; it is just about living in the present as your truest self and doing what makes you feel your best.

3)    The Balanced Blonde/ Soul on Fire
Hosted by Jordan Younger, a certified health coach and yoga instructor, The Balanced Blonde podcast is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about spiritual topics such as crystals, yoga, meditation, business, blogging, and all things wellness. While there are some solo episodes, Jordan mostly has guest speakers to come spread their knowledge about wellness topics. I love this channel because Jordan makes all of her interviews just sound like normal conversations you would have with your best friends at brunch. Every episode is so informational and inspires me to learn more about the wellness world. I highly recommend checking out this channel if you would like to dive more into the health aspects of the spiritual world.

          These channels have also opened my eyes to an entire world of spirituality that I never knew existed. I didn’t think I would be kind of person to drink mushroom coffee while meditating with my amethyst crystal, but here I am. I feel so much more aligned with the universe and happy with my life, and I hope these podcasts bring you happiness too! Please let me know if you listen to them and tell me your favorite podcasts in the comments below.


  1. Love Your Own Magic and TBB Soul on Fire!! I'm always carrying a rose quartz or tigers eye with me now ;) These podcasts are amazing! I'm also loving Earth to Us and The Health Code right now :) Great post Karlee!

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