Easter Sunday Dinner with My Family

I cooked a lot for Easter with my family and we had a lot of different things at the table. Of course I got some Gardein, some Daiya cheesecake, and some snacks. I also made a pasta salad and I will be glad to share with you everything I put into my recipe and it was wonderful for my family. Everyone enjoyed everything that was there. 

For snacks, we had crackers, Chao cheese, and grapes. I made a Gardein Turkey and it comes with gravy packages so that you do not have to buy extra. I love making the Gardein Turkey cutlets because they are so crispy and they taste amazing. 

Also, at the table, we had some veggies like sweet potatoes and corn. We had dinner rolls that went great with everything we had as well. I had some mango pineapple juice that I also blended. 

I made a pasta salad in the morning as well that was a hit. First I roasted some bell peppers in the oven and then got the skin off to have some roasted red pepper to shop up for this dish. I boiled some tri-color rotini and then once that was cooled off I added some black olives, tomatoes, and the papers. For the final ingredients, I added some chopped chunks of Chao cheese and then drizzled balsamic vinaigrette into the mix. 

For dessert, I got the new york style Daiya cheesecake, which was great. I had some berries on the side as well as some of the Oreo ice cream. This is the non dairy flavor from Breyers and they make their ice cream with almond milk, which is very delicious and so creamy. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and also has a relaxing weekend. 


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