Your Personal Health Journey

(photos by Danielle)

Starting your personal health journey can be intimidating for some, but with support, this can become easier. A lot of people sometimes will not even know where to start. It can be good to start this journey with a positive mindset and start shifting your habits to better ones. Some people prefer to do this overnight and some do this as a gradual shift over time. My journey was gradual and I started incorporating better habits into my life. I now feel so much better since I have started this. 

I have felt so much better lately and have had so many more productive days. I have been changing my life by curbing my eating habits and exercising. I feel amazing on days where I do four miles a day because it gets me so energetic and motivated to continue the rest of my day. I got so much more done in the day since switching to a healthier lifestyle and weel as thinking more positive.

One thing that I want to stress is that you do not have to be any specific person to do this...anyone can do this as long as you keep your mind to it. Something that is sad for me to experience is people who say “look at you being so healthy...I wish I could be like that”. Don't envy it, set that as your goal and do it. You can do it! It is sad to see people not believing in themselves and people need to realize that everyone can do this. Just be positive and set your mind to it. 

This can be challenging for some people to do, especially if they are how do I do this if I normally have a 16 hour day to balance between working several jobs and going to grad school full time? Well, I get up and do it. One of my jobs involves a lot of desk time and am sitting, but it is a work from home job so for the most part, I try to get my downtime during then. However, during my other job or my walks to class, I will try to take a long way or if I have a task at work, I will offer to be the one to go there so that I can get extra steps in for the day. I have been trying to do 10,000 steps a day which is about 4 miles and it feels amazing. You can do jogging, yoga, or anything else that you like. 

Eat right
I overheard a girl in the grocery store talking and it was heartbreaking. It can be a shame to hear people who are just restricting themselves and not eating. Some people fear eating instead of just eating the right foods. 

Social support can also be important for starting a healthy life. People who are supportive should be within reach and those who are toxic and unsupportive should be kept at a distance. You need people in your life who give unconditional love and who care about your wellbeing. These people would want to see you healthy and flourishing. 

Happy Friday!


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