Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas

(photos by Danielle)

Planning for meals during the week can be a challenge but since the internet has so many recipes, it becomes so easy. I find so many recipes on social media including websites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. I also love following food blogs and getting their monthly list of posts in my email inbox. I always save recipes that I enjoy. I also just recently got a recipe book to write down recipes that have worked out for me or ones that I want to try in the future. 

A lot of my favorite recipes have zucchini in them. The first recipe was inspired by a time when I had a lot of zucchini in the house. I also had leftover sauce from spaghetti night earlier in the week, so I was trying to make something out of leftovers and create a delicious, but still healthy meal. I made some zucchini boats and they were great. 

How do you make these???
Start by cutting the ends off of the zucchini. Then slice the zucchini down the middle like in the picture. Then put it in the oven after adding desired toppings. I added marinara sauce and vegan cheese. I usually use Go Veggie or Daiya, but if you do not like those, good news, there are SO many other options and more are coming out over the years. If you like these items store bought you can add store bought ingredients and if you like a more whole food approach you can make your own from home. When you are done adding toppings, you can bake it until it is cooked enough to your liking. 

(photos by Danielle)

This can be a great appetizer, snack, or dish to put out at a family get together. It can easily be customizable and manny different toppings can be added. My favorite thing about recipes like these are there are only a few ingredients and there is not a lot you have to buy if you want to make this. For this recipe I only used three ingredients, but you are welcome to use more. I also like how quick these are to make because I am a student and I am also working several jobs, so you can imagine that I would need quick recipes that are healthy to stay focused through the course of my day. 

If you want something that is more filling, you can make pizzas with all of the same ingredients. You can get a crust and layer on the same ingredients in the same way you would with the zucchini boats. I like to add some veggies, olives, and spices for extra flavor! These recipes are fun to make and also very delicious. I would recommend trying them out for an exciting twist on your meal preparation routine! 

(photos by Danielle)

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these healthy, but delicious recipes!


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