A Healthy, New Spin on your Breakfast Routine!

(photos by Danielle)

I love trying out new breakfast recipes! I have found so many new recipes in the past year and I love making these. They are so delicious and I love making food for my family. It is exciting to wow people with delicious recipes and create new dishes that people will love. 

One of my favorite things to make is pancakes in the morning. I put some syrup on and usually have a sie of fruit with it. For my pancake recipe, I take two packets of oatmeal and blend them in my ninja for a few seconds to make flour. Then I add a quarter cup of non dairy milk. I usually use almond milk or rice milk, but there are so many more you can try. If you want extra flavor you can use a flavor that is either vanilla or chocolate flavored. Then I add one banana and blend the mixture again. If it is not too think, you can let it sit for a few more minutes and when it gets think, put it in the pan and cook it. Then I top it with anything I want for the morning and if you want a chocolate syrup, it can quickly be made as well. I usually blend some cacao powder with maple syrup and water. Keep mixing and adding more of each ingredient until it is either as thick or thin as you like it. When you are done, drizzle it on your pancakes!

(photos by Danielle)

Another recipe I have just recently discovered are chickpea omelettes. I am very new to making these, so I am still playing around with the recipe. I start with one fourth of a cup of chickpea flour, which is sometimes also called garbanzo bean flour. I add just as much water as I do flour. Then you can add other seasonings for extra flavor. I usually add at least a tablespoon of nutritional yeast. Then I usually also add paprika, turmeric, and garlic. When I finish making it, I spread some hummus on it and I also put some veggies in. For my veggies this time around, I put in some tomato and some roasted bell pepper. This was absolutely amazing and I recommend trying this!!

I have also put some fresh fruit on my plate. Also, I have added some hash browns by the brand Dr. Pragers. I got the root veggie hash browns. Last time I did a breakfast article I was talking about the four potato hash browns. I enjoyed these so much that I wanted to try another variety. They have two other flavors that I also really want to try if I ever see them in store which are the sweet potato hash browns and the southwest hash browns. I have not yet seen those in store but I would get them in a heartbeat if I ever found them!

On the side you see a pink drink, which is full of flavor of course. What I did to make this is I blended up some strawberries with some vanilla flavored rice milk. This is a tasty drink that is so easy to make.

(photos by Danielle)



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