Viva Las Vegas

I was in Vancouver a couple of days ago with my daughter for an appointment. Heaven I tell you. Sometimes I miss living in a big city. Vegan food, and gluten free food everywhere! Chipotle Mexican Grill!! I will never tire of this place. My daughter and I have gone there in Paris, in London, and in Vancouver – they saved us in Paris. Trying to feed a celiac in The City of Pastry was unbelievably difficult. And so Chipotle's saved the day – over and over. A great little chain of fresh food restaurants called Pret a Manger in both London and Paris was also quite a lifesaver. What I wouldn't give for a Chipotle Mexican Grill and a Pret a Manger in these parts I tell you. Convenience food is pretty much a thing of the past for me these days.

Seattle is another amazing place. I was there for a couple of days last spring and thought I'd died and gone to vegan heaven – it was everywhere!!! We don't even have a Whole Foods in my town so you can imagine how much fun I have every time I get the opportunity to travel somewhere “big”. The difference is that the vegan food (and the gluten free – in Canada and the US anyway) is available almost everywhere you go; it's just a norm. Nobody looks at me funny or gives me a blank look. So while travel is difficult sometimes in that it takes some pre-planning – finding out where the grocery stores and restaurants that can accommodate me are located in more obscure places – it's also a seriously fun adventure. You've no idea the glee my daughter and I felt when a friend in Glastonbury (England) took us to a grocery store that had gluten free bagels! More fun than I'd have thought possible. :) It's the little things, folks.

I've caught the travel bug these last few years (sadly my wallet is very empty), but I'm now really interested in going places known to be great for vegans. I have a girlfriend who lives in Berlin; she tells me the vegan scene is fantastic there. I'm also told Portland is an amazing place to go when one is vegan. Amazingly I'm told Italy is pretty good as well. The vegan thing has given me the urge to travel even more. So many adventures ahead!

My son and I go to Vegas every March to see the Monster Jam monster truck finals (it's a thing we do). Last year I was just beginning my vegan journey and relied (again!) on Chipotle's and an amazing build your own salad place in Harrah's – I kid you not, I actually dream about those salads – they're almost worth the trip alone. Since then, through various blogs and facebook groups, I've learned about a few more vegan places in Las Vegas that sound amazing! I'm leaving in five weeks and can't wait to sample some more vegan food in Vegas!

Happy Travels!



  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Vegas. Me and my other half love casinos so would absolutely love it there. Maybe our honeymoon next year is a good enough excuse to splash out and go!

  2. I've heard so many great things about Las Vegas! I've not yet gone, but it looks like it'd be a really awesome place to visit one day!

  3. It sounds like you had an awesome time. The annual Monster Jam you attend with your son sounds really fun

  4. I'm not a vegan but I appreciate that there are places who have a lot of choices for vegans. That definitely makes traveling easier. It's all about research when it comes to going to places that gives you easy access to vegan food. Hope your future trips won't just let you end up eating in Chipotle Mexican Grill.

  5. Chipotle Mexican! I tried that on my first day in America at Beverly Hills! I could not agree more with you that it tasted so yummy and full of real food, the beans, the avocado and the jelapeno. I wish to have this kind of taste of again after coming back to Asia. Yes, I love Vegas too, been there last December but didnt have the chance to ride on the monster truck. Saw there are some monster's truck at the Arizona Last stop gas station. Only manage to post a picture with the wheel of monster truck!

  6. I am not vegan but, I love Chipotle!!!! I could eat that all the time just because it's delicious. How awesome that you visit Vegas every year for Monster Jams. My kids went to it last year when it was local. I would love to visit Seattle.

  7. I love finding vegan restaurants on my travels, and it is becoming a lot easier in recent years! In the past I have struggled to find a decent place to eat that caters towards vegans/vegetarians but it is now becoming more common.

  8. Im vegan-ish and if I see a good meal, I will dig in. I do love a good vegan resturants also though.


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