Indulgent Superbowl Friendly Meals (Part 2)

(photos by Danielle)
I have recently found so many new recipes that I have been a huge fan of. It helps to search up any new recipes and the internet has hundreds of each. I find that if I look for versions of recipes for meals that I loved and ate it in the past, it is beyond easy to do this lifestyle. It is all about the mindset. As a lot of people close to me know, I am a huge fan of spicy food and tacos. I am always looking for new recipes and just making a quick search on youtube, instagram, or pinterest can make finding new recipes so easy. My family is a huge fan of taco night and we tried these jackfruit tacos. I had been hearing about these food such a long time and I decided to go down to Trader Joe's and get some! I was pleasantly surprised. 

(photos by Danielle)
I was always hearing about how similar jackfruit was to pulled pork and how it tasted exactly the same after cooking ti and putting on the sauce. I looked up so many recipes to decide which variation of the recipe works best for my family. I found a recipe that I thought my family would enjoy...however, you can leave the sauce part off and let everyone add their own sauce if everyone likes different things. I know my mom is not a huge fan of BBQ sauce so I wait until the end and let everyone put their own sauce on so that we all have something that we enjoy!! 

I drained the jackfruit, broke it up into shreds, and put it in a skillet. You can season it with whatever you like. I added lime juice and garlic for some tropical flower. My family is a huge fan of this so with recipes like these, we have some of the pineapple mango salsa from Trader Joes. If anyone wanted to add cheese as an ingredient, I soaked some cashews for several hours and blended them up along with some lime juice and garlic. This mixture can be drizzled on the tacos when completed. For shells, I used the habanero lime soft tortillas from Trader Joes. I also added some greens and sliced onion and bell peppers. This recipe can be topped with anything additional like jalapenos or another sauce. I also had some black beans on the side, which is another family favorite. 

(photos by Danielle)

I am enjoying remaking a lot of these recipes that I have made in the past but with a more compassionate and healthier twist! I am going to try to head out this weekend and get some more jackfruit to try out some other recipes I have found! I am thinking about trying some sliders with this and seeing what other options can be made with this ingredient. Everything I have found so far looks beyond delicious and worth giving a try. Check out some other meals if you are interested in eating similar to this!

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