Eliminate the Egg

Vegetarians often still eat eggs but vegans do not. Taking actual egg dishes out of the menu is easy enough, though you can still make a wicked scrambled "egg" dish with tofu. But what about all those recipes that need the egg as a binding ingredient? The unique qualities of an egg mean you can't just leave it out and you have to find a replacement that has brings the same chemistry to the recipe.

Handy options to make vegan egg replacements
There's an old vegan joke about someone who heard you can replace egg with applesauce, but isn't too happy about how his omelet turned out. I said it was an old joke, not a good one. But the point is pretty clear. Yes there are many ways to swap out the eggs in recipe, providing you know which is the best option for any specific recipe.

This is a tried and true option for a lot of baking recipes that require the moisture and binding qualities of an egg. A small ripe banana that has been mashed up can replace 1 egg, but will impact the flavor of your recipe a little.

Maybe not in an omelet, but applesauce can be a good swap for egg in a lot of baking. It doesn't bind things as well as the banana though, and it adds more liquid (meaning you may have to adjust other ingredients a little). It only takes 1/4 cup of applesauce to replace an egg. Unsweetened is the best choice to use as-is, though sweetened will work just as well if that's what you have. Just use a little less sugar to balance it out.

This is my personal favorite because it doesn't add flavor and you can use this in more dishes because it's taste neutral. It also adds great nutrients and fiber to your recipe that an egg wouldn't.

Mixing a little ground flaxseed with water will create a gel, and a perfect sub for an egg. One tablespoon with 2 or 3 tablespoons of water is a good ratio but it's not set in stone. You just have to mix them together and let it sit for 3 or 4 minutes before you scoop the gel into your recipe. This is the technique I use in my banana bread oat cookies. Chia seeds will work just as well too, in the same proportions.

Now this is a replacement for the dishes that use eggs as a main portion of the ingredient, not just a handy binder. You'll need to experiment a bit more to get this sub right because every recipe will be different and the tofu isn't meant to blend into a mix and disappear like the egg substitutes we've already talked about.

Potato or macaroni salad that would normally have a hard-boiled egg included might work very nicely with some extra firm tofu crumbled up instead. You get a similar texture along with the added protein. It's a tasty win-win. Saute firm tofu along with some spices and vegetables to replace your usual scrambled eggs in the morning, and you can even use soft tofu and non-dairy milk to do up a lovely vegan quiche.

If you don't want to experiment, there are egg replacement products on the market you can try. Ener-G, VeganEgg and I think that Bob's Red Mill has one too.


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