Delicious Food at Trader Joes (Part 1)

(photos by Danielle)

Recently I have been loving trader Joes for so many reasons. One of them being that they have such delicious options. The other being that prices are usually really good and I can find some great deals there. It is also a wonderful place to find vegan food and it is not hard at all!! My family is also loving everything that I have been making for them, especially the food we find at Trader Joes! Everything is usually labeled with a “V” if you are wondering about a certain product. They have some amazing products that I would recommend that I have tried out over the past few months. I can not wait to share with you all what I have found!!

(photos by Danielle)

When I was off on holiday break in between semesters, I had a little bit more time to bake. So what I found was that Trader Joe's has cinnamon rolls. One flavor is plain and the other is pumpkin. I really wanted to try the plain but that visit, the pumpkin was all they had, so I ended up purchasing that one. I was not disappointed and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking. I'm not sure if they have this kind year round but I would suggest picking these up if you see them on any of your visits. These did not take long to bake and I got to try some and feed them to my boyfriend and family as well. I love these and I want to try more of the products from the store that they have to offer. 

(photos by Danielle)

I also got the raspberry cranberry spritzer sparkling beverage. This was a wonderful fruity beverage for the holidays and everyone who tried it loved it! I do not have things like this that other and I usually go for water. When I don't have water or coffee, I won't go for things like soda usually. I like to go for flavored sparkling water or kobucha a few times a year. Who else loves kombucha here? I know it's been one of my favorites lately. Keep your eyes posted for a kombucha post coming up as well!!!

I also tried the orange cranberry spread as well, which was on the table at our holiday gathering over this winter. Also, the Joe Joes are great too if anyone has a sweet tooth. I am more into spicy food but they were still so good! These are very similar to oreos and I believe the ingredients are just a tiny bit better for you. These I think are also cheaper as well. These are great for if you want to have something chocolate flavored. There is also a vanilla kind which is similar to the golden vanilla Oreos. They also have a regular kind and a candy cane flavor for the holidays, but so far I have only tried the Halloween ones. 

(photos by Danielle)

All of these were delicious and I would recommend them to anyone. I hope everyone has a wonderful, positive weekend where they are trying lots of new things. I hope you guys try some of these products or if you already have, I hope you enjoyed them!!!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love Trader Joe’s, but since we moved, we don’t have one accessible to us anymore šŸ˜­ I’ve tried the Raspberry Cranberry Spritzer and it’s yummy!

  2. Cinnamon rolls though, YES! It looks like you found some real treats at Trader Joes!

  3. I wish we had a Trader Joe's store here. It would be nice to have another place to get our stuff other than the usual places we have here. The Raspberry Cranberry spritzer must be so good!

    1. Yes I love it...if you are ever near one I recommend trying :)


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