Plant Based Grocery Trips

Going to the grocery store can be exciting for people who love eating and cooking. This can be fun and a great experience for people who like to try new things. I have been getting so many ideas from being online and finding blogs, Pinterest posts, and other resources to find new foods. I have been looking at a lot of new recipes and brands to buy from, especially over the past year or two. I have been cooking more and often and I have been interested in trying new things. I try to make my posts cater to a number of people. I've posted some things about meals that are whole food plant based. Other times I post some frozen foods for people who like meat alternatives and/or people who do not have a lot of time to cook. For myself, these meals are great for when I have 16 hour days. 

I usually shop at a combination of stores to find the things that I like. I usually shop at Giant, Target, Kimberton Whole Foods, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Home Goods, and Trader Joes. All of these stores have amazing options and I have always been overwhelmed with choices every time I enter stores lately. I used to have to go to a number of stores to get everything, but my diet has become more produce-based and less focused on the frozen food. A lot of these foods are great for people who want delicious options that are alternatives to other foods they enjoy. These foods and products mentioned were not all bought on the same day. This post is to show the products I have bought from stores that I have enjoyed over the years. I have tried these with loved ones to see how they were and they have all been phenomenal. 

There are so many products that are wonderful if you are looking for new foods to change what you normally eat. I find a lot of variety by also changing up the stores I shop at because sometimes different stores carry products that you can not find anywhere else. 

(photo by Danielle)

I sometimes treat myself to go to Whole Foods, but not too often because I do not live near one currently. However, next week, one is opening up a few minutes from my house. A lot of people think that in order to go vegan or plant-based, you have to start shopping at Whole Foods, and that is certainly not the case. However, it is much easier if you are starting out and are looking for some alternatives that taste like dairy or meat (yes, all of these products taste the same and are wonderful!). I could not believe how wonderful these products tased especially the vegan chicken and pork from Gardein. I love making a lot of Mexican and Asian inspired meals as you can see from some of my other posts, so you can tell that these were some of my favorites. Also, the brand 365 has a meatless burger that tastes amazing. Sweet Earth has a vegan bacon that I tried with my dad and it was amazing. It is also easy to find mac and cheeses that are great too. I usually also pick up some hummus on my grocery store runs as well. For snacks, I like to buy some crisps like the Daily Crave brand. On this trip, I bought tomato basil and sriracha flavors crisps. Another favorite of mine is the ThinkThin Lemon Cranberry bars. All of these products are absolutely amazing and I would recommend all of these. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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