Tips for Vegans on the Go

Hi Everyone! Happy Holiday Season to all of you, no matter what you celebrate. If you don't celebrate anything, Happy Winter Solstice!

I have a friend who is trying to go vegan, but he travels often for his work. In the interest of helping him, I'm writing this post. I know a lot of people travel a lot for work these days, so hopefully some others may find my suggestions useful as well. Even if you're not traveling for work, you could use some of these tips for vacations.

Thankfully many hotels these days have mini kitchens in the rooms. You can do more with a microwave, coffee pot, and mini-fridge than you might think! 

Depending on if you're traveling via car, plane, train; you may be able to bring a lot with you, or you may need to shop a bit once you arrive at your destination. If you're going by car, you could bring cold items in a cooler; or via train/plane, you can bring some non-perishables in your luggage. Just figure out what works best for you, and your individual needs and circumstances.

I suggest researching your trip/destination ahead of time. Determine what stores are available locally, and along the way; and what you're be able to obtain there, or you will need to bring along. Also, any restaurants that are an option for you in town. The Internet is seriously so handy for these situations. Happy Cow is a great resource for finding great local vegan restaurants; also just hopping on your search engine and looking for "vegan restaurants," or "local vegan restaurants."

You would probably be surprised at how many of the below options are available at even convenience stores and gas stations like 7-Eleven!

I hope some of these suggestions are helpful for you all. Veganism really can be done anywhere, and is so much more doable than is the common opinion. It might take some planning (most of life requires some planning and forethought, anyways), but is so worth it in the end. Let me know what you think! Peace, love, and veggies--Dawn.

Foods that travel well:

Breakfast/snacks: Clif, Luna, Lara bars-- there are so many delicious choices for these. They can be bought in singles, or multi-packs. Oatmeal, grits, and cream of wheat packets; or you can purchase the bowls that you just microwave or put hot water in.

Fruit: fresh fruit like bananas, oranges, apples, grapes, whatever you like and enjoy. 

Vegetables: carrot and celery sticks; baby carrots; bagged, pre-washed veggies such as greens, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Again, you can find lots of options at convenience stores.

Proteins: Such as any sort of vegan cold cuts like Tofurkey and Lightlife brand have so many products! Gardein is an all vegan brand, and everything I've had has been absolutely amazing! These foods have even impressed my omnivore family. Give them a try! Boca and MorningStar brand also have a lot of good choices. 

You can explore the products to see what and where you can buy; there are literally tons of great products, and we would be here all day if I were to list them. A lot of these options can be popped right into the microwave, and put into a bun or tortilla, and put with whatever condiments or toppings you like,and your meal is ready to go! 

There are so many vegan protein powders/shakes on the market today. These are great mixed in with juice or plant milk, I have even mixed them into my oatmeal/cream of wheat to amp up the nutrition. Tons of flavors are available, and you can do so much with them to make your meals pack a powerful nutrient punch. These are great, because they travel well, they are dry so they won't spill in your luggage, etc. You could even pre-portion individual servings into Ziplocs, or other portable, sealed containers so they are ready to go. 

Condiments and drinks: Just Mayo packets are available online, or possibly at some retailers, any other condiments you like; vegan sugar, stevia, agave, or any sweetener you prefer; and salad dressing.  You may wish to even put each condiment in it's own container/baggie, and place all condiments in a large Ziploc so there is no chance of any spillage (this would help you keep super organized).

Now, most drinks are probably obtainable at your destination, or in the hotel; but you may want to brink some along if there are specific things you love, and that may not be available where you'll be. Things like soy or other plant milk, tea bags or coffee. You can even obtain plant milks in individual servings, in shelf-stable packages.

Lunch/Dinner foods: ramen noodle cups; soup packets such as miso soup; veggie noodle soup like Lipton brand; a bunch of variety in various cuisines like Indian, Mexican. I just went to Amazon and searched for "shelf stable vegetarian meals" and had 52 results. Even if you don't buy online, this should give you a good idea of what to look for in the store. Usually you can find these types of foods in the ethnic, soup, and prepared foods aisles. Tons are available that can be microwaved, or just need hot water added.


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