Ethical Gift Ideas for the Last Minute Gift Exchange

Some of the best gifts I have ever given or been gifted are from some amazing ethical stores in the world. Some of the best things you can give a loved one come from the heart. This year for the holidays I wanted to leave less of an impact on the planet. I was inspired by the YouTuber Ellen Fisher. She has an amazing youtube channel and is just an amazing inspiration in general! Some of the things she suggested are as follows: second hand items, homemade gifts, nature found treasures, and experiences. However, if you do not have the time to make a gift, some of the stores she recommends are: 31 Bits, Earthling Beauty, In the Soul Shine, The Small Folk, and Goose Grease (an etsy shop)!

However, here are some gift ideas that are easy to make and give!

Knitted Elephant with Herbs:
One of the gifts one of my friends is going to make for a mutual friend of ours is a knitted elephant. She found a pattern for free online and already has the materials just around the house. She already owns the knitting needles and has the yarn. But, she wanted to make this gift special for our mutual friend. Our mutual friend, Kyra has insomnia. So, my friend Madeline is going to put some herbs that help promote sleep inside the elephant. She is planning on putting lavender and chamomile in the elephant. This is a simple gift idea that also can be personalized for anyone. It doesn't have to be an elephant. There are plenty of free patterns online that you can pick and choose from to make for a friend.

Some of the easiest way to show how much you admire someone is to simply give them food. It is something that literally everyone loves. Food is a gift that shows how much you adore someone, and can be shared with others. Some of the best gifts I have given have simply been a loaf of fresh bread or a few cookies. There are plenty of food recipes on this website for a great holiday!

Donating in the Name of Someone:
Give the gift of giving back! If you have a friend who is incredibly passionate about giving back or a certain cause, giving money in the name of that friend will more than likely put a smile on that special someone's face.

Giving an Experience: 
Groupon is an amazing way to give someone something that they will remember forever. Giving someone an experience, like ice skating, or a voucher for a free vegan meal will be something that they will more than likely never forget. Plus, the gift could be something that the two of you could do together. Giving the gift of an experience is a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Treasures from the Past:
One of the most amazing gifts I have ever seen being gifted was a second hand item. My friend Jahnae gave our mutual friend Madeline a second hand flannel jacket. I know, doesn't seem amazing at all right? Wrong! The flannel jacket was a gift she was given by her grandfather who had passed away recently. Jahnae had a matching flannel jacket. Now, Madeline and Jahnae have matching flannel jackets and Madeline cried when she was given the gift because she knew how much Jahnae loved her grandfather who had recently passed on. Giving a gift as personal as that is a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

May you all have an amazing holiday!

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  1. I remember last Christmas that I bake brownies and gave it for my friends and they liked it too much. I will absolutely do it again.

  2. My favorite gifts are the one given from the heart and not necessarily the most expensive. One year someone made me a shoebag and embroidered my name on it. It was such a labit of love!

  3. wow, these are some great ideas. I havent even thought of myself. Thinking might give soem a go. Thanks for bringing it up x

  4. The gifts that come from the heart, are the best gifts. The various things you listed, included "donating in the name of someone" are very thoughtful, especially when you are donating to a cause that is near and dear to their heart. I have subscribed to you: I can't wait to see more of your articles. I am currently practicing the keto diet, however have thought about going Vegetarian for health reasons.

  5. I am known for giving baking goods and tickets to different events to my friends. I think they truly depict someone's thoughtfulness and love for that person.


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