How College Vegans Do Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to celebrate with friends, family, and delicious food! I did not get to go home and see my family this year, but I did get to spend the day with my amazing friends. We live on a college campus with very limited resources, but we ended up having an AMAZING feast. The party consisted of two vegans, one vegetarian, and four omnivores, but all of us made everything vegan. I am very blessed to have open-minded friends. In the words of them, “We don’t care what you guys make, we just want food!”  

I must say, this ended up being the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had. Even when I was not vegan, the dinners did not compare to this one. Everyone else raved about the food as well and said it was a delightful meal. These are all recipes that you can easily look up online and recreate for any parties you may be going to or hosting. The best part is that they are all guilt-free because no animals were harmed in the process of this feast J

We had delicious mac & cheese, lemon roasted brussel sprouts, green bean casserole, stuffing, chunky mashed potatoes, and mashed butternut squash. My friend also made a tofurkey all by herself! It was made of tofu, lots of spices, and stuffed with a flavorful vegan stuffing and mushrooms. For our decadent desserts, we first had a life-changing brown sugar glazed sweet potato bake with vegan marshmallows. I definitely went back for seconds (and thirds!) of that! My friends also made homemade apple pie, pumpkin pie, and banana bread that took me straight back to my childhood. Finally, we had jelly rolls that were made just by buying store-bought crescent rolls and rolling some Crofters strawberry and blackberry jelly into them before baking them in the oven. These were so simple, yet a crowd favorite! I would highly recommend making these rolls for any party or upcoming holiday to share with your friends and family.

I am so glad that we got to have this delicious food without harming our plant and our animal friends. It was also fun to share with my friends how vegan food can be just as tasty as non-vegan food. We were all in a food coma by the end of the night!

In the end, though, the food should not be the most important part of Thanksgiving. I was just happy to spend the day with beautiful people. We played games, watched Christmas movies, listened to music, and shared what we were thankful for that day. My friend and I also ended the night with a super long walk around campus because we needed to digest the enormous amount of food we consumed, haha :D

What did you do for Thanksgiving? Did you bring a vegan or vegetarian dish to share with your loved ones? Tell me in the comments below, I love to hear from your guys. <3


  1. What an awesome article! I'm not a Vegan but I did take a wonderful salad with greens, cukes, onions, carrots & spinach to my Thanksgiving dinner, although I'm not sure if the Garlic Expressions dressing was considered Vegan. I have had a very small sampling of Vegan food and what I have had has been absolutely delicious. I'm so looking forward to much more during the holidays! I believe people get a perception that if its Vegan food then its all bland and boring,( I was one of them) I'm here to tell you that is not the case! The dinner you guys made looked so good!! I would have tried it all! Keep up the good work ladies!!

    1. Thank you for reading! I am glad to hear you are wanting to incorporate more vegan meals into your life. Happy Holidays!

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