Compassionate, Delicious Thanksgiving Options Part 2

A lot of people think that when you make these lifestyle changes you have to stop eating these things when in reality, there are alternatives that taste exactly the same. You do not have to give ANYTHING up or cut anything out of your diet because there are copious amounts of alternatives and you won’t know the difference! This was a wonderful way to show people that this lifestyle is easy regardless of the myths. Even in smaller stores, there were so many options that are expanding!

(photos by Danielle)

For Thanksgiving Day appetizers, we bought the Pepperidge farm party bread. We also got Toasted crackers in two flavors: savory onion and sesame. To top the cheese and crackers, we got some Chao cheese, which is imported from Greece. This product tastes exactly like dairy cheese and is wonderful for people who are unable to eat dairy or want to be healthier. It is pricey but I usually but it on sale for special occasions. For other snacks, there were pickles, black olives, and green Manzanilla olives. Also, I wanted some dips that can go with the bread and crackers for a colorful addition to the table. I got the Carrot Cashew dip, which is vegetarian. For a vegan option as well, I got the Trader Joe's Beet Garlic dip and I was so excited when I found this because I had been looking for this for months!

Dinner was exciting because of the Gardein holiday roast, which comes with a stuffing and two gravy packets. I also made more Pepperidge Farm stuffing made with Pacifics vegetable broth and I sauteed some celery, onion, salt, pepper, and I Can’t Believe It's Not Butters Vegan spread! We also had Simply Organic vegan gravy because we needed extra. My grandma brought over some other vegetables. We normally have mashed white potato but this year we switched it up and made sweet potato, green beans, and corn. I also got the Cranberry sauce with orange relish from Trader Joe's.

(photos by Danielle)

Desert was great because the the pie we usually get from Sara Lee is vegan and all these years we had no idea that the one we were already buying just happened to be vegan! Sara Lees Blueberry pie was amazing and my family has always loved these pies! Another Pie we got was the Marie Callender's cherry crumble pie, which is another one we had no idea was vegan all these years. We also got Wholly Wholesome’s Pumpkin Pie and that was really one of the only substitutions we had to make. We found a dairy free version, which is great because you can enjoy all the same flavors. Another delicious dairy free option at the table was the SO delicious coconut whip! Overall, it was a wonderful day and some of my family has changed their lifestyles or is at least interested in it and asked me how to do it!

Have a wonderful break, take it easy, and spend your time off with positive people who uplift you.



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