Cardamom Hot Chocolate and Coconut Yoghurt

With Thanksgiving upon us, there are plenty of ways to bring about the spirit of Thanksgiving. Now, plenty of people are against Thanksgiving ( or as I call it, Turkey Massacre Day!) but, some of the best vegan food can be made this year. Here is a simple hot chocolate recipe with a twist!

Famous Cardamom Hot Chocolate

  1. coco powder
  2. cardamom 
  3. cinnamon 
  4. coconut sugar (or any sugar of your liking)
  5. hot water
  6. nondairy milk 
  7. coconut whip (optional)
  8. cinnamon stick (optional)
  1. warm equal parts nondairy milk and water in a pan on a stove (to make servings for two I use about a cup of each)
  2. mix equal parts coco powder and sugar together in a cup of your liking (to make a serving for two I use about 3 tablespoons of each) and whisk together with a dash of cardamom and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 
  3. gently mix the spices into the warm water and milk mixture. Do not boil. 
  4. top with coconut whip (optional) and add in a cinnamon stick 
  5. enjoy!

Coconut Yoghurt:


  1. a can of coconut milk
  2. vegan probiotics
  3. vanilla bean powder (optional)
  4. jelly of your choice (optional)
  5. berries (optional)
  6. granola (optional)
  7. wooden spoon
  8. cheesecloth
  9. rubber bands

  1. mix together a can of coconut milk and vegan probiotics in a bowl ( I use about 6 probiotic capsules for one can of coconut milk).
  2. cover with a cloth and rubber bands
  3. store in a dark but not wet corner for about 24-48 hours
  4. flavor with jelly, granola, vanilla bean powder, and berries
  5. enjoy! 
  6. store in the fridge for up to a week 


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