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Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Sometimes it is hard to get ready in the morning and still eat breakfast…but it doesn’t have to be! Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and coming up with some easy meals that are quick has been a lot of fun. Some may have some prep to do the day before but they are easy to throw together, easy to prep and easy to take with you to work, school or wherever!
Peanut Butter Banana Toast This one seems a little blah but with the addition of agave it is amazing! I just toasted some bread, spread on peanut butter then chop up some bananas. You could stop here but then I just add some agave and it becomes something a little more special. The sweetness of the agave blends well with the creaminess of the peanut butter. It’s one of my favorite things to have for breakfast. You could also use an English muffin (vegan of course) instead of toast. I also like to use powdered peanut butter as well.

Smoothies I love something that is super portable, easy to change up and packed full of nutrition. Br…

How College Vegans Do Thanksgiving


Compassionate, Delicious Thanksgiving Options Part 2

A lot of people think that when you make these lifestyle changes you have to stop eating these things when in reality, there are alternatives that taste exactly the same. You do not have to give ANYTHING up or cut anything out of your diet because there are copious amounts of alternatives and you won’t know the difference! This was a wonderful way to show people that this lifestyle is easy regardless of the myths. Even in smaller stores, there were so many options that are expanding!

(photos by Danielle)
For Thanksgiving Day appetizers, we bought the Pepperidge farm party bread. We also got Toasted crackers in two flavors: savory onion and sesame. To top the cheese and crackers, we got some Chao cheese, which is imported from Greece. This product tastes exactly like dairy cheese and is wonderful for people who are unable to eat dairy or want to be healthier. It is pricey but I usually but it on sale for special occasions. For other snacks, there were pickles, black olives, and green Ma…

To Bee or Not To Bee

My first dilemma when choosing to go vegan was what the heck to do with my leather jackets, my purses and shoes and boots? The majority of them are leather, something I had never given a moment's thought to in the past. For the first six months or so, I steadfastly refused to wear any of them. I sold my leather jackets, and I put my purses away. The only thing I continued to use was my shoes because I simply can't afford to go out and buy vegan shoes.
I make my own face cream. The recipe I've been using for quite some time contains beeswax, and I still have a small bagful of it in my pantry. I've been smearing beeswax (along with a few other ingredients) all over my face morning and night for quite a long time now. It's a great face cream, perfect consistency, smells great, feels wonderful. I make my own lip balm as well – and you guessed it – also full of beeswax. Those bees are quite brilliant, really. It's a wonderful thing beeswax is - not to mention honey…

Quick & Easy Vegan Oven Baked Pizza Grilled Cheese.

Hi Everyone. I hope November is faring well for all of you, and Happy Thanksgiving! This is another spur of the moment recipe. It came together super quick, and is another very "spoonie-friendly" recipe. It also would be great for those nights where you just don't want to stand at the stove for forever. This would be a great recipe for your kids to get involved in, too! 

This would go well with salad, soup, or with some roasted vegetables, or some other side dish that you cook in the oven. You could start your other food, and then add the grilled cheeses to the oven during the last bit of cooking.

These sandwiches turn out super well in the oven! The bread has such a light and fluffy inner texture; compared to the "traditional" way of making a grilled cheese. Meanwhile, the outside has the typical crispy and savory deliciousness. 

It's a twist on pizza, and instead of the sauce being incorporated in the sandwich, you dip pieces of it into the sauce. The sauce …

Cardamom Hot Chocolate and Coconut Yoghurt

With Thanksgiving upon us, there are plenty of ways to bring about the spirit of Thanksgiving. Now, plenty of people are against Thanksgiving ( or as I call it, Turkey Massacre Day!) but, some of the best vegan food can be made this year. Here is a simple hot chocolate recipe with a twist!

Famous Cardamom Hot Chocolate

coco powdercardamom cinnamon coconut sugar (or any sugar of your liking)hot waternondairy milk coconut whip (optional)cinnamon stick (optional) Directions: warm equal parts nondairy milk and water in a pan on a stove (to make servings for two I use about a cup of each)mix equal parts coco powder and sugar together in a cup of your liking (to make a serving for two I use about 3 tablespoons of each) and whisk together with a dash of cardamom and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon gently mix the spices into the warm water and milk mixture. Do not boil. top with coconut whip (optional) and add in a cinnamon stick enjoy!
Coconut Yoghurt:
a can of coconut milkvegan…

How Far Does Veganism Go?

I have pets. I have a large dog; my daughter has a tiny dog, and we also have a cat. I constantly see the argument online debating whether or not it's ok to feed pets a meat based diet when one is vegan. This discussion almost always ends in heated arguments that go on for days. There are the vegans who make damned sure that their pets are vegan too and there are those who are more relaxed about the whole thing and recognize that making a cat vegan is most definitely on the extreme end of the spectrum.
I have a vegan dog; this is entirely for health reasons and the dog has been vegan longer than I have. He suffers from itchy skin and constantly has ear infections. A vegan diet was suggested to me to help alleviate allergies. I tried it and he has shown significant improvement. A ton of research has taught me that a dog can be vegan and live a healthy, nutritionally balanced life. My cat, however, is most definitely not a vegan. This cat was deathly ill a year or so ago with a bla…

Compassionate, Delicious Thanksgiving Options (Part 1)

For many people, the holidays can be more stressful than relaxing because running around buying food and preparing it can be hectic. Fortunately, I am extremely grateful to have such a supportive family, even if they mix up some terms on what is allergen friendly or not. I am exceptionally pleased with everything I found so far and we haven’t even gotten everything yet!

(photos by Danielle)
Some people will think that if you are vegan or vegetarian, it automatically means you are gluten free, eat a lot of salad, or have to eat bland. Also, some people think vegan and vegetarian are the same thing. It is always good to inform people what you can have at the table because there are SO many misconceptions. I know I am ALWAYS one to make sure that when I have guests, there is something for people to eat (I am very considerate of those things). With the technology and resources we have to learn about these such as the internet, there is no excuse for someone not to be able to have at least…