A Guide to Vegan Halloween Candy

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. You get to dress up, go out and get lots of candy. Scaring people is pretty fun too. But Halloween can be hard when you have a dietary restriction like being a vegan. Have no fear! There are lots of accidentally vegan candy out there that are just dying to get in your plastic pumpkin.

Here are some ingredients to look for that may surprise you. First, if the candy says gelatin STAY AWAY! Gelatin is made from animal bones, skin and tendons. Also look for Carmine as a color. This red pigment is made from crushing the female cochineal insect. Also, if white sugar or confectioner’s glaze is mentioned you might want to stay away.

White sugar is made from bone char and confectioner’s sugar is made from the secretions of the female Lac insect. Why is everything made from bugs? While all of these are PETA friendly, if you avoid white sugar then I would stay away from these and find vegan alternatives. It’s always important to do your own research.

That’s right, Airheads are vegan! They contain no animal ingredients, like gelatin, and are super good. Yeah, the sugar is pretty bad for you but come on, it’s Halloween.

While this isn’t a super popular Halloween candy if some ends up in your bag this year you can enjoy it. The calcium stearate, used to help prevent caking, isn’t made from animals. Nope, its plant-based!

Yeah, you heard that right. Skittles are completely vegan! They actually have been vegan for a long time but most people assume candies are not. Start hoarding all the Skittles you can find.

Sour Patch Kids
These are a personal favorite of mine. I could eat them all day and thanks to being vegan, I think I will! I love any gummy candy that isn’t made from yucky gelatin.

Twizzlers, as well as Red Vines, are completely vegan. While I am not a fan of licorice, a lot of vegans will be pretty happy to know this candy is good to go!

Charm’s Blow Pops
If you got one of these while tick ‘r treating you were a god among kids. You will be happy to know it is vegan so you can totally eat it! Just try not to get the gum in your hair.

Dum Dums
Most suckers are pretty safe but this classic is 100% vegan! You can eat your Smarties and your Dum Dums.

Jolly Ranchers
Jolly Ranchers are basically just hardened sugar so it's not surprising that these sweet treats are vegan. I always liked the watermelon flavor the best!

Swedish Fish
While this isn’t everyone’s favorite candy to get in their bag you can rest easy knowing they are vegan.

Pixy Sticks
Pixy Sticks, a kid’s favorite, is just flavored sugar in a tube. Again, if you avoid white sugar then I would stay away from this just to be safe. While it is considered vegan-friendly, I am not so sure about the sugar.

There you have it! A lot of candy is actually vegan once you look at the labels. While some of these may not meet your requirements, they are all considered 100% vegan by PETA! Go forth and get that candy!


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