The Real and True Benefits of Raw Veganism

Raw veganism as a Lifestyle is in my opinion the easiest and most simple to undertake as well as most beneficial. Here, I shall outline why. First, I will clarify that I am referring to a simple whole food, natural plant based, uncooked dietary intake with a 90 -95% fresh fruit and vegetable composition.

Improved Health:

Studies have shown a major reduction of occurrence in and reversal of all main diseases, from cancer to diabetes to heart disease to IBS, ADHD and more, with a raw vegan lifestyle over a specific period of time and often coupled with other known health promoting protocols. This is not only a healthy diet; it is a sustainable one as well. Many diseases of the modern day thought incurable are healed or at the least significantly reduced by simply eating this way. Hereditary diseases have been shown to have lowered to nil relevance in these cases also. Look out for the improved skin and digestion !

Reduction of Carbon Footprint – Environmentally Friendly:

Simply going plant based reduces one’s contribution to methane emissions mainly released by the meat and dairy industries.

For more details on this, I highly recommend the documentary Cowspiracy or event:

Stable Weight:

A high fruit diet is very cleansing, reduces inflammation and results in natural weight loss initially with eventual stabilization ( loss of unwanted weight and/or possible gain of needed weight) over time once practiced correctly, not restricting and only incorporating a variety of different healthful fresh foods.

Cost Effective:

Eating simple meals composed of whole plant foods in their most natural state means produce directly from farmers or even in bulk from stores is the most cost effective food purchases one can find, no doubt. Mono fruit meals are the most beneficial and easiest digested of all meals ever.

The Original Diet:

The digestive tract of humans is 1. Shorter than that of a carnivorous creature’s and thus does not effectively facilitate digestion of non - plants,  and most likely why toxicity of the human anatomy occurs on a high meat diet, and by extrapolation,  promotes putrefaction in the gut. 2. The stomach acid is not of a strength which can break down meat kind. It is my belief that the studies which conclude that the human specific diet is that of a fruitarian is accurate. Man’s first and most ideal food was high fruit raw vegan and the more we stray from this, the more apt we are to being diseased, particularly with processed and genetically modified versions of food.

These facts as presented, urge me to invite all to give this a try, I guarantee you shall not regret it and you have nothing to lose !

Jan P. López


  1. I try to eat as many raw and vegan foods as possible. I definitely notice a difference in how I feel and look when I do.

  2. This is nonsense without citations, please add below.


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