The Easy "How To of Veganism"

What is the equation for veganism? Is there one? Absolutely! So, not a Math problem? Well, it may be more of one than you think! I refer to the solution to many things as that of Veganism, the destruction of the environment, human health, animal life, the high incidents of PTSD found amongst factory farm employees to name a few. So, how do we become part of this Veganism solution? Let us have a look. . .

1.      Start slowly :

Some people transition well with the ‘ cold turkey ‘ way of doing things, but statistics show that for long-term/sustainable lifestyle changes, the majority fare far better with gradual changes, that said, I highly recommend the ‘go at your pace’ approach, or simply ‘take it slowly’. What is most comfortable for you will work best for you.

2.      Fraternize with like eaters who have succeeded - Real life support:

Food is often part of social events, and many new vegans feel isolated. A few sure ways to avoid this are: a) Join local groups and/vegan potlucks b) Find Vegan Societies c) Network with online groups d) Seek out local vegan events e) Attend meetups. f) Start your own event or meetups etc. These ways are guarantees to your meeting and making friends of like persuasion in this regard.

3.      Have enough calories:

One of the greatest downfalls of new vegans especially on a high fruit and vegetable diet is to not consume enough calories. As fruits and vegetables contain higher quantities of water and fibre yet fewer calories than standard foods, undereating is a common mistake. It may be prudent at the beginning to track actual caloric intake with say the App Chronometer.

4.      Stop buying into the protein craze/myth:

Over the years, especially with the strong influence of the information control by the meat and dairy industry, the stated daily intake of protein tends to be somewhat inflated, along with the preferred source of same. Follow Dr Colin T. Campbell for more information on this, particularly here: It is more than possible to achieve sufficient amino acids from plant food sources, of course, each person’s requirement will be different, and however, over time it will become easier to ascertain what your daily percentage is. Note also that, this will vary as well based on things such as age, activity level, season and even gender. Simply do not be obsessed with being deficient unless you are 1. Not

5.      Find what type works best for you:

The vegan lifestyle can be approached in many different ways, as far as diet goes, the various options include: Raw Veganism, Cooked Veganism High Carb, Low Fat Veganism, Dr Sebi’s Alkaline Veganism, 80/10/10 Raw Veganism, 80/10/10 Veganism, 90/5/5 Veganism, The Starch Solution, and the list continues. I believe finding what suits you, your lifestyle, health needs and geographical location is what is most important.

6.      Keep it Whole Foods, simple without going expensive: Focus on vegetables and

One of the numerous myths about veganism is that veganism is expensive, is truly a myth. Besides of course the fact that the meat and dairy products are subsidized, a vegan diet kept in its most simple form, say largely or fully raw with as many fresh local in-season foods is by far the most economical and moreover sustainable as well as the one I recommend.

These 'How To' tips are not in the least difficult to incorporate, I, therefore, challenge all to give it a try.

Jan P. López


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