Sweet Earth’s Asian Inspired Meals

There are many products that I have been incorporating into my meals lately that have been delicious. There are some foods that I put into my recipes, or I go out and purchase something that is quick to make on the side along with what I am already having. Asian meals are one of my favourite things to eat because there are so many different types of sweet and sour chilli, chilli sauces, and other delicious things that can be put into your recipes. I prefer really spicy foods so chilli sauce is my top condiment to be putting on the dishes I make that have an Asian spin on them.

I have found some products that have helped me transition to a better diet as well as provide some alternatives for when you want to try new foods. Specifically, I love products from Sweet Earth because of the diverse option in flavours. Over the past few years, my love for this brand has grown considering how their companies have expanded and they have put out so many new products.

(photos by Danielle)

The first meal I have been a huge fan of is Sweet Earth's Pad Thai noodles. These are great for if you are in a hurry. Sometimes I have class right after work so I only have time to be at home for a few minutes. Even on those nights, I try to cook my own meal instead of something in the microwave. Ingredients include noodles, bean sprouts, radish, peanuts, seasoned tofu, carrots, bell pepper, mushrooms, snow peas, green onions, soy sauce, garlic, along with some spices. This meal can be healthy and has high levels of vitamin A, iron, calcium, and vitamin C.

I am also a huge fan of General Tso’s Tofu from Sweet Earth as well. I have this meal paired with sushi from a restaurant I ordered takeout from. When I order out, I usually get some veggie sushi rolls and I have sauce at home to put on it to make it spicy. For the picture below, I have avocado rolls and sweet potato rolls. There are many options at most Asian restaurants and they have different choices, which makes it easy to try new meals!

(photos by Danielle)

The General Tso’s Tofu has delicious ingredients including broccoli, tofu, brown rice, soy sauce, red bell peppers, and other spices. This is also great for a lot of the same nutrients that the Pad Thai had as well. The flavour is amazing and it has been one of my favourite meals to eat that is quick to prepare.

These foods have been some of my favourites for a while now and I hope some of you check them out. If you have not tried any of Sweet Earth’s products I would recommend them. The brand has plenty of options and a lot of them are allergen friendly as well. I hope some people try some of these out over the weekend. Target, Giant, and Wegmans are great places to find this brand if you are looking to try this or you want to expand on the varieties you have already tried from them. Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I hope amazing things happen to you! Happy Friday!


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