Quick Vegan Pasta and Salad Recipes

Recipes for pasta are quick for being on the go, especially for going back to school or heading out to work during a busy day. School went back at my workplace and also college courses resumed over the past week. With my hectic schedule, I need something that can be thrown together quickly. Fortunately, these types of meals can be made in a few minutes. Pasta recipes can be extremely filling and also good for making in bulk. Meal prepping is a wonderful idea for recipes like this and fulfill the need if you always need to take meals on the go. I have included several variations of the recipe to be suitable for all types of people and to suit all sorts of cravings. Each recipe can be changed to put your own personal twist on which ingredients you have each time it is prepared.

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(photos by Danielle)

I usually buy veggie penne from Barilla and any green, beans, veggies, sauces, or dressings can be added to the mix. This variety of Barilla pasta need to be cooked for ten minutes and while this is in the pot, you can prepare the rest of the ingredients and combine them for when the pasta is finished. The picture above uses that type of pasta, black beans, spinach, beets, red bell peppers, oregano, parsley, basil, garlic salt, nutritional yeast, and any dressing you want to pair this combination with. Additional ingredients can be added for extra flavors. In this next photo, these is the same recipe, but I have added spinach, tofutti cream cheese, and an assortment of veggies.

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(photos by Danielle)

One of my frequently prepared recipes is a creamy pasta that mimics alfredo sauce if made right. This can also be good with any sort of Gardein product added to the dish. I like to use Gardein Seven Grain Tenders because they go well with this meal. You can also use Beyond Meat’s chicken strips as well, which do not have any breading.

(photos by Danielle)

For this recipe you will need:
Penne pasta
Several strips of Gardein 7 grain tenders or a chopped up Boca patty
Tofutti cream cheese or any other brand
Nutritional yeast, salt, garlic powder
Bell peppers
Any other vegetables added if you desire

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(photos by Danielle)

If you are not a huge pasta fan and want to keep your diet low carb and healthier you can also turn these into salad recipes by replacing the pasta with greens such as spinach for more iron and other nutrients.

(photos by Danielle)

For added protein and any other nutrients, you can include chickpeas or other types of beans. You can include a number of veggies so the majority of the dish is not leafy greens, which will make the dish more filling! For this salad, I used the Annies Woodstock dressing which uses tomato and tahini. These flavors will make the meal more savory and enjoyable for everyone.
(photos by Danielle)

These recipes can have a lot of variety and nutrients. The best thing about these recipes is that they can have any combination and the more ingredients, the more nutrients...so it is a win-win!
Enjoy your meals and have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I love to cook this kind of meals, they almost every time turned out good. Yet they're so tasty.

    1. Yes! I love them so much! They are also really great to make in bulk
      and have as leftovers :)

  2. These all look amazingly delicious!!! I love cooking healthy meals like these! :) Shell

  3. We enjoyed the vegetarian lifestyle for about a year, I can't wait to get back to it!

  4. Pasta is one of my favorite meals to prep in bulk! I'm not a cook, so I need everything to be quick and simple.

  5. Pasta looks delicious and it's my kind. Loved it.

  6. That salad look delicious. I'll have to remember this tips to use in my meals this week. Thanks for sharing.


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