Why Everyone Should Try Raw Vegan For At Least 30 Days

Why It Is Important To Try A Raw Food Diet:

refers to uncooked or heated only to between 115 and 118 degrees F.

Vegan refers to plant based foods available by means which cause the least amount of harm to all living beings and their habitat, thus excludes honey and most palm oils.         

The quest to achieve optimal health is a never ending one, and as such, I impress upon others to consider the concept of reaping the astounding benefits of a Raw Food Diet for a minimum of 30 days.

This is a cleansing diet and often when incorporated properly, the desire to
continue is an overwhelming one. Not only is there a desire, but the benefits are so overwhelmingly euphoric(improved health and vitality), that one may not want to stop at the end of 30 days.

In an endeavor to go all plant based raw, the primary portion of one's intake would be fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds (all in their fresh, live and in season state), some herbs, and possibly tonics.

The Benefits of This Diet/Lifestyle Include, but are not limited to:

Improved skin: – Few persons have the luxury of flawless skin and complexion on a poor diet. As such, many will experience a noticeable and considerable change in skin condition as hydrating, nourishing foods replace meat and dairy. This also means more often than not, keeping nuts, other overt fats, and chocolates at a low percentage in comparison to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Increased energy: As the body is introduced to live foods, which require far less energy to digest, assimilate and extract nutrients from, in comparison to their cooked or even processed counterparts, much is left to be utilized otherwise. This means much more of the body’s resource energy is left as ‘reserve’ for one to use.

Stronger hair, nails, and teeth: One of the myths of the Standard American Diet (SAD) is that you can receive all the nutrients needed. This is not entirely true. However, on a  live plant based diet, nutrients are more readily available for absorption and faster to assimilate.  This often results in minerals such as Calcium being in sufficient quantities once a. Enough calories are consumed, b. A wide variety of foods is a part of the daily intake and c. There are no malabsorption issues. A diet rich in Calcium, however, leads to strong bones, nails, teeth, and hair.

Weight Loss: Consuming foods in their untainted state, means the consumption of a large volume of fiber as well as natural juices. This means that the 'fullness factor' is often achieved with far fewer calories than on a standard meal. Also, bowel movements will be more regular, lending to faster removal of toxins (stored in fat cells). Thus, weight loss becomes par for the course.

Stable Temperament/Mood: The most ' calming' foods have been proven to be in the plant food category. Additionally, studies have shown a correlation between a sense of peace and 'cruelty-free' (for the planet/environment and animals) foods. As such, most persons experience a more even and 'cool' state of being whilst eating fully plant based and raw/live.

That said, why not take the 30-day Challenge? Let's go!

Jan P. López


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