3 Ingredient Chocolate Smoothie

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With another college semester beginning, balancing the many tasks I have in life can be challenging while running from job to job every day and beginning graduate school this month. Having healthy meals during the semester does not have to be impossible or even difficult.

This is a recipe that anybody can enjoy and put their own spin on. This recipe has a lot of nutrients including fiber, vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and manganese. I just use a few simple ingredients and this recipe is great for being on the go all of the time, like myself. This recipe is great for getting your energy going and it includes few ingredients, so it is easy to prepare.
When I am constantly working and running around from eight in the morning to midnight most weekdays during the semester, I am putting in a long day of working on and off for 16 hours a day. Time can be a serious issue when you take on a lot of work. However, I wouldn't change it for the world because I love what I do and the journey I have embarked on. The changes in my life have improved so much for me and I have never felt better in my life. While taking on such long days, it makes sense that I would need energy, especially during my crazy weekdays. Fortunately, I have a Nutri Ninja and can blend some delicious treats up as a study snack or something to get myself through a shift at one of my jobs.

To start this recipe, you can use any blender to make this healthy, delicious recipe in a matter of minutes. You will need to have these following ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth for chocolate...

1 tbs Cacao powder (I used powder from the brand Sunfood Superfood Organic)
2 frozen bananas
1 cup of any type of nut milk or soy milk

The type of nut milk or soy milk can depend on what your preference is….you can either use plain, original, or chocolate and I recommend using regular for a sweet effect but you are more than welcome to use unsweetened. I have tried several different types with this recipe and have been enjoying every combination equally!
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Photos by Danielle
The first smoothie was topped with chia seeds and hemp seeds.

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Photos by Danielle

In the next image I have topped it with shredded coconut and chocolate chips from Wegmans (the store brand is dairy free so no worry about milk allergies here!) Trader Joe's also has a dairy free one as well!

You can also use dates or cinnamon for extra sweetness and flavor, but I think you will be surprised how rich and sweet the flavor already is! Blend all of these ingredients for one minute, pour, and enjoy.  For toppings, you can choose anything, but my personal favorites include fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, or any type of nut. If you want a bigger portion, you can double the recipe and make this into a smoothie bowl. Also, if more thickness is desired, just add more frozen banana and make it into “nice cream”! This smoothie can be a nice weekend treat as well. Happy Friday and everyone enjoy a safe, happy, healthy weekend! If you are dealing with “back to school” season, make sure to kick back and take it easy this weekend before the rush.



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