Why I do not Recommend A High Protein Diet.

Why I do not Recommend  A High Protein Diet.

*The views shared here are that of the author, and should not be used in a medical context *

 The human body was designed to thrive on live plant foods. Anything short of this is placing it at a disadvantage. The most healing mode of eating is described as  A 'High Carbohydrate,  Low Fat' Diet. This can be further broken down into numbers such as:

80/10/10  or  even  90/5/5. These numbers make reference to: 80% of daily  caloric consumption being  Carbohydrates, 10% Protein, 10% fats Or likewise: 90% of caloric consumption of  carbohydrates, 5% protein and 5% fats. See: http://www.thesmoothievegetarians.com/2017/03/how-to-ensure-adequate-protein-levels.html  for more explanation on protein as a food source.

This is the case for many reasons, some of the things experienced whilst on a diet high in protein are:

1.      Lack of satiation/satisfaction - it takes more energy to break down  1 g  of protein than it does 1g of carbohydrate. This is also more evident if the protein is not in the form of amino acids ( the only form truly recognized by the body, and available from live plant sources.).

2.      Lack of sufficient energy : Only carbohydrates fuel the cells of the body with ' useable energy '. When the body is not fueled, it often goes into starvation mode ~ and those suffering from Binge Eating Disorder tend to fall prey when in this state. To stave this occurrence, it is always best to ensure the fueling of the cells by ensuring the body gets enough carbohydrates and preferably in the form of:

1. Simple carbohydrates in the state of live plant foods.

2.  It should be remembered that live food offer readily available nutrients to the body and thus carbohydrates are best received from these sources i.e. fresh fruits and vegetables it is therefore futile to expect the body to effect any degree of healing when subjected to:

a) High amounts of cooked foods.
b) High amounts of protein, especially in the form of complex amino acids, causing a state of anatomiic distress when the body seeks to digest these ' foods '.

Another thing to bear in mind is, the body cannot benefit from nutrients in live foods if there is malabsorption as an issue, this should first be addressed before seeking to gain from the most effective diet.

Why Animal Protein should be avoided
In my view, animal ‘foods’ should, at all cost be avoided, and no way supported. Apart from this fact, there are other reasons to consider whilst looking at animal foods as a source of protein for humans:

A.     IGF-1 : IGF-1 is an insulin-like  Growth Hormone found in all animal based   - released when the body takes in animal based protein,  and which when consumed often causes accelerated aging.  In other words, This is an age promoting hormone, which we all want to avoid. Avoiding this by staying with plant based amino acids in the 10% daily intake range is wisest. In some forums, it is considered to be a favourable factor, say in body building, however I beg to differ.

B.       Animal flesh consumed as meat is not broken down as easily by  humans as  say an animal with a high concentration of Hydrochloric Acid in their digestive tract, aka ‘carnivore’. These animals can effectively digest flesh matter and by extrapolation benefit from the consumption. This is unlike their human counterpart, whereby undigested flesh can remain in the digestive tract for more than 24 hours merely putrefying and promoting ill health

C.     Circulation is enhanced by carbohydrates  in the system – fresh fruits mainly. The opposite is found true, when protein or fat are taken in in higher per centages than natural carbohydrates. Most high protein foods carry a considerable amount of fat and vice versa, high fat, and though plant fats can be anti-inflammatory in function, overt fats do not go as far in promoting blood flow as do  plant foods lower in fat and protein content. Assuredly, also, animal sources of protein are also high fat sources which do not promote improved circulation and heart health.

So, in synopsis, to truly thrive from a diet, I recommend highly to look to a living food lifestyle which incorporates a plant based way of eating, with carbohydrates at a high percentage relative to protein and fat, whist including:

a. Stress Management
b. Daily Exercise
c. Adequate Sleep
d. Proper Hydration

Let’s live healthfully!

 - Jan P. L√≥pez


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