My Top Five Vegan Junk Foods

I have good news for anyone looking to transition to a vegan-diet: you may be surprised to find out some of your favorite sweet-tooth snacks are already vegan-friendly! The items on this list are certainly not “healthy”, but you can definitely eat them while knowing you are not contributing to any animal abuse. There are plenty more junk foods that are vegan, but these are my top 5! 

1. Ben and Jerry’s Dairy Free Ice Cream
These vegan ice creams are available in Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Coffee Caramel Fudge, Cherry Garcia, Coconut Seven Layer Bar, Caramel Almond Brittle, and PB & Cookies. My mom is OBSESSED with the Coconut Seven Layer Bar ice cream, and she is not even vegan! You can definitely get your non-veg friends and family hooked on these.

2. Thin Mints

Recently, all Thin Mints are being made vegan! While other Girl Scout Cookies can be vegan depending on the company that produced them, Thin Mints are vegan across the board now! These were always my favorite cookies growing up, does it get it any better than this?

3. Sour Patch Kids

 Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love these little guys? Some candies contain gelatin, which is not vegan. However, Sour Patch Kids and some other candies can be surprisingly vegan!

4. Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili Flavor

While most other flavors of Doritos are not vegan, these ones happen to be completely free of animal products! You can still enjoy this crunchy, tasty treat without harming animals. These are great for serving at a party when you want to show friends and family that being vegan does not have to be boring.

5. Oreos

Almost all flavors of Oreos (in the USA, anyway) are free of animal products. It is still important to double check the ingredients, but all of the ones I have tried are vegan! My personal favorites are mint and peanut butter; I could eat a whole pack at once! I am drooling while writing this, do I need to say more?


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