How To Maintain A Healthy High Carbohydrate, Low Fat Raw Vegan Lifestyle.

How To Maintain A Healthy High Carbohydrate, Low Fat Raw  Vegan Lifestyle.

(The views expressed here are based solely on personal experience and research, and should not be taken as medical advice.)

What is the High Carbohydrate, Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet? Firstly, it is the most healing way to eat and thrive. Studies have shown that a high carbohydrate ( fresh fruits and vegetables with low fat protein and fat per centage intake), is the most healing for Diabetes, Heart Disease, Most Cancers and Autoimmune Disorders.  A high carbohydrate( approximatelyb80% or 90% of daily intake), Low Fat diet consists predominantly of fruits, the most optimal will consist of the hydrating fruits in higher per centage than others, the fat intake is quite often kept to a  10% maximum of ones daily consumption. The 10% is also held as the maximum, depending on the carbohydrate proportion.  The premise on which a high carbohydrate, low fat lifestyle is built is one whereby it is recognized that each cell in the body is fueled and nourished by glucose or glycogen,  both of which are derived directly from fresh fruits high in absorbable carbohydrates. When these fruits are live, in season and ripe, the conversion is one of the easiest possible to achieve. Fats on the other hand require more energy per gram to be converted to usable energy by the body and thus not recommended to be taken in high per centages.  Assuredly, healthy fats must be part of a healthy lifestyle, most optimal when taken in at 10% of one’s daily intake in terms of number of calories. In time, each person will ascertain if this per centage should be higher or lower than this amount. If one pays attention to these per centages along with the listed preferred foods, then it is felt that a healthy healing balance may be achieved. 

This way of eating excludes all animal flesh(meat) and secretions( milk, eggs etc.) and consists of plant foods in their original state.

The foods which make up the respective categories are as follows:


Sweet Fruits: Bananas, mangoes, sapodillas melons, jackfruit, dragon fruit, plantains.

Sub Acid Fruits: Papayas, pomegranates, star fruits.

Non Sweet Fruits: Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini.


Fatty Fruits: Avocado, durian.

Other Sources of Live Plant Fats:

Nuts, seeds, legumes, sprouted beans, peas.


Quinoa, oat groats, lentils, mung beans, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, mushrooms,

Acid Fruits: Citrus Family ~ Grapefruit, orange, ortanique, tangerine, lemons, pineapples, limes, strawberries

Incorporate the recommended foods in their respective per centages, gauge how you feel, adapt healthy lifestyle practices and enjoy!

 - Jan P. L√≥pez


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