DIY Bug Spray

Summer is upon us once again and that means going outside, hiking, swimming and a lot more. It also means bugs. A lot of the bug sprays on the market are made using chemicals and a lot of other gross things that are not good for you and your family. But there is good news! You can make it using a few simple and all natural ingredients that are healthier and better for you.

All of the ingredients in this bug spray are designed for very specific reasons. The essential oils used are great against certain bugs and the witch hazel is fantastic for your skin! They are not harsh or will harm you but they are super effective and will help make your summer so much better. Let’s explore the ingredients before we get to how to make it.

Lavender oil is great for repelling mosquitos and spiders. In fact, it can be just as effective as citronella oil against mosquitos. It also smells nicer. You can use this on its own in the bug spray but combining it with other oils means you will be able to protect yourself from a lot of other nasty buggies.

Peppermint oil is really good against ants, beetles, spiders and so much more. It is even effective against mice but you won’t run into those at a BBQ…hopefully. It also smells really good when mixed with other oils and I use it quite a bit in a lot of other blends as well.

Lemongrass and Citronella are obviously great choices as well for your bug spray. Both are fairly inexpensive and easy to track down. I prefer the smell of lemongrass over citronella but it is completely up to you and your preferences. You can always experiment with both and see which one is more effective and works best for you.

Now onto the recipe for the bug spray. There really isn’t a set-in-stone recipe for this and you can make multiple batches based on what bugs you plan on running into. Do some research and see what other oils are great for this. You can even add tea tree oil!

What you’ll need:
Glass Spray Bottle (get one here or here)
Distilled Water
Witch Hazel
Essential Oils
Vegetable Glycerin (optional)  

Pour a ¼ cup of the distilled water into your spray bottle. Pour ¼ cup witch hazel in the bottle as well. If you plan on using glycerin, use just ½ teaspoon. Now add 15-30 drops of essential oils to the bottle. 

You can use one or a combination but try not to go more than 30-40 drops total! Now shake it up and spray all over your skin to keep the bugs at bay.

This should stay good for a month or so. It will last longer if you use distilled water and keep the bottle smaller so you have to make a new batch more often. Using a tinted glass bottle will keep the essential oils from losing potency in the sunlight. That’s it! You are all set to have a wonderful summer!

- Tori

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