How To Reduce Bloating Whilst Transitioning To A High Carb, Low Fat Raw Vegan Lifestyle PII.

How To Reduce Bloating Whilst Transitioning To A High Carb, Low Fat Raw Vegan Lifestyle PII.

Continuing from last week- April 28, 2017:

C. Insufficient Sleep. Lack of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, particularly between the hours of 10pm and 2am each day can prevent adequate digesting ability. To avoid this, try to adjust your day/night schedule to incorporate sufficient sleep as well as early enough to bed hours.

D. Stress levels. High stress levels can undoubtedly result in disruption of many things, including healthy digestion 
functions. As the saying goes – ‘Stress kills’ or ‘Stress Causes Cancer’. Both are as valid as the need to 
mitigate the effects of oil spills in oceans as they are detrimental to the inhabiting plant 
and animal life.

Though perhaps easier said than done.  Stress is a major contributing factor to health issues, and if not abated in an effective manner. Stress places the body in ' fight or flight ' mode, draining the adrenals, other organs and the lymphatic system when not addressed in a timely and healthful manner. Stress is not something turned off by a switch; however, it is imperative that one finds some way to temper any stress or undue stressful situation(s) in their life. We all get 'stressed', whether it is by people, work situation, or one off incidences. Finding effective, practical ways to handle/manage these is the only way to 'save' oneself. Each person has their own method or strategy to combat, defer, or mitigate stress in a 
healthy manner. The key is to identify these steps and employ them wisely to achieve the intended goal .

Gut weakness due to an upset of intestinal flora caused by a poor diet, whether presently or in the past is a true reality.  When processed foods, a high wheat and gluten intake, along with meat, dairy, eggs  have been consumed over time, the intestinal flora integrity most often than not, do not function optimally. Due to this fact, poor digesting function often prevails. This is because the bacteria to breakdown plant foods become ' redundant' as a result of ill or non use. As the body relearns to reproduce the necessary enzymes to digest the new foods, it becomes a necessity for some to bridge this gap with systemic digestive enzymes. One such being: Puradyme Line of Prods. Their enzymes are plant based and closest to their natural state as one can obtain in the form of supplements. As a non supporter of man made supplements, I will say this one ranks highly, and interestingly fare well by the long term raw foodists. These are they:

It is key to recognize which issue is the overriding one to cause the effects; each person must be aware enough to identify the root of their bloating symptoms. Often, it is a combination of more than one of the above mentioned here. Most often than not, at the stage of bloating symptoms, generally, the adrenals and or lymphatic systems are already compromised. A protocol involving colonics, specific herbs and flushes are most effective at this stage. Giving the organs and digestive system a rest is also key. Therefore, engaging in a water fast, juice feast or even dry fast may be one course of action to benefit from and offer some if not total relief.

It is wisest to seek supervised fasting and/or other cleansing protocols effective in treating the bloating root cause, once successfully identified. This is really an avoidable happen stance. Other natural and safe protocols to utilize in keeping these symptoms at bay include: homemade fermented Noni juice, kombucha, kefirs, kimchi, and sauerkraut. These are the vegan, ideally salt free and raw versions of the above. These must be had as directed and over a certain period of time to be most effective.


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