How To Dine Out in Kingston, Jamaica as a Raw Vegan. Part I.

Despite the notion that raw veganism is an impossible lifestyle, it is infinitely possible to dine out with options, 
right here in Kingston, Jamaica. In a two part synopsis, I shall illustrate how.
There are more than a few places to dine at which are raw vegan friendly and offer in some/most instances 
options for the non raw who will just as much enjoy their choices. This week, I shall briefly give an overview 

of options I had over a few weeks which are enjoyable to the palette, generally healthy and options which 
promote a cruelty free, environmentally friendly composition. In a future presentation, I will focus in detail 
on specific locations, their varied selections and recommended orders with an idea of how to choose healthfully 
whilst keeping the budget intact. 
In my view, fresh raw and vegan (in general) is the superior way to nourish the body. As such, my approach 
was in said direction to achieve enjoying a meal whilst eating out and keeping the budget in check. Firstly,
a stop at Tehuti Cafe on Lyncourt in Barbican was a welcoming experience. 
Embraced by the company of owner and operator Tehuti himself was a grand opportunity as always. 
Up on the menu are shakes, freshly made juices, pizza, salads, sweet pies, pastry balls and more. 
I opted for a scrumptious salad ensemble which included: Fresh tomato filled with tasty walnut cheese, 
curried coconut meat, seasoned ackee(fruit) over a bed of shredded cabbage, tamari sauce on  
‘zoodles’ (zucchini noodles), nut cheese dip on fresh lettuce, seasoned nut meat. Filling and tasteful.
Raw Gourmet Salad

Also available at Tehuti café, is his signature gluten free raw pizza, served with a seasoned walnut cheese. 

Raw wheat free pizza sprinkled
with walnut cheese.

Interestingly enough, Sham’s Bakery is a delightful location to have a fresh raw concoction. 
Situated in The Marketplace above Half Way Tree Square. Nael, owner, operator and Lead Chef 
is always up for creating a combination of your choice. For a number of years now, I have been ordering 
his signature Middle Eastern Tabbouleh minus a few ingredients and adding a few of my select choices. 
Here we have: finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, onions, garlic, added scotch bonnet peppers. 
     Raw Tabbouleh
 Often I will travel with fresh lime and squeeze the juice on top to release more flavour from the ingredients, 
although frankly, this combination needs no enhancing for me to enjoy fully. This, when paired with a ripe 
banana or two is a wonderful meal. Raw ackee also compliments this winning salad made fresh to order.  
Stay tuned for more next weekend.


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