How do we detoxify with juices

How do we detoxify with juices

How do we detoxify with juices? Start with acquiring a good juicer. One that will serve you for a number of years, such as the Omega J8006 or Greenstar (for more info on Juicing, read my previous article: 'What is Juice Feasting and why is it beneficial':

After securing your juicer of choice, make a list of ingredients for your juices: fresh fruits and vegetables with some herbs and spices if you wish.  Separate the ‘dirty dozen’- see
 (as they may be available at set locations depending on where you are) from the conventional et al. decide where you will source your produce: farmers' market or co-op, local supplier. Most supermarkets do not stock fresh produce, and may have items harvested some time before they were shelved. Always be cognizant of this when seeking fresh fruits and vegetables.  Be mindful also, of the fact that imported fruits and vegetables are not your ideal options, however, in a non ideal world, if this is your best option, it is far better to go that route than to opt out of juicing or including more fruits and vegetables in your daily intake of food. Having in season fruits and vegetables in their ripe/readiness to eat state is what you want to be doing at all times. Get your fresh ingredients for 2-3 days and replenish as needed.
Always seek to gauge the length of time for which you plan to juice ~ short term ~ 3-7 +days or medium 8- 15+1 days, or long term : 21- 90+ days. This timeframe is dependent solely on what the person wishes to achieve. Juicing short term is good for the reasons such as  (i) Giving the body ' s system a break from intense digesting energy thus 'freeing' up some for other uses and allowing for rejuvenation ( ii) Allowing for breaking away from addictions to stimulants and food addictions, say spices, salt etc ( drugs and heavy stimulants require a long term stint).  Medium term juicing is most effective for a weight reset, losing weight over a short period and/or to reset the palette for sugars, salts, oils and more. The long term juicing can result in all of the aforementioned with added benefits such as reversal of diabetes (Type II) and other ailments, under supervision ideally. It is always recommended that persons with a medical condition check with their health care provider before embarking on a juicing protocol. Personal Coaching is also offered to persons in need of this service.

In the effort of detoxing, one of the key things to recall is to keep all juices low fat and low protein (at least 10% each of daily caloric intake) so as not to overwork the kidneys and adrenals (defeating the whole purpose of the feast)   - Look out for my upcoming guide to juices on ' Juice Recipes to Cleanse From Inside Out.' The body expends A LOT of energy, in the breaking down of proteins (amino acids) and fat, versus carbohydrates which most fruits are composed of, along with some percentage of fat and protein.  Carbohydrates are the ' clean ' fuel of the body, broken down to simple sugar by the body, there is not that ' burn out' effect that is experienced with less effective sources such as protein and fat. These dietary components are more effective when building rather than healing of the body.

This is also a good way to lose unwanted weight, in a healthy manner, being mindful of the fact that many persons abuse juicing as a means of restricting calories for significant weight loss. Although general juicing for health is designed to aid the body by affording it a time of ' rest ', which means that the  calories are predominantly less than that of a solid meal ( most often than not), it is not designed primarily for weight loss. Weight loss a natural ' side effect' as the body rids itself of toxins.  If approached for this reason, it is likely that the spin off effect could be binge eating for those who suffer from this disorder.  It is therefore critical for individuals to be assessed thoroughly by their coach or family mental health provider, counselor or the like wherever possible. This, of course is in the ideal world. Where not possible, coaches should duly engage in a legal binding contractual agreement which takes in to deep consideration the wellbeing (mental and physical health) of the client. Look out next week for more on this including some juice recipes.


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