Save the Bees! Plant A Bee Friendly Garden

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about a topic that has not been covered too much on this blog at this point. Today, I wanted to talk about Bee Gardens!

As we all know at this point, Bees are in danger of completely disappearing from this plant. They are very important for how plants pollinate, so it is very important they stick around!
There are a few different things we can do to help.

-Stop killing bees and their homes when we see them around. Instead, call a local bee keeper to come and rehome the bees. 
-Don't use chemicals in your lawn and garden
-Buy from local farmers
-If you are going to buy honey, buy local honey
-Plant a bee garden
In this post. I want to considerate specifically on planting a bee garden and what plants would be awesome to include. Bees are losing their homes all over the world because of farming practices and could really use our help.

What is a bee garden? A bee garden is a garden planted with bees in mind. Most of the time it is flowers, but could also include trees, herbs, fruit and vegetable plants! The plants chosen will be ones that bees are more drawn to and will encourage bees to pollinate the plants.

What are the best plants to include in my garden?

- Alder
- Basswood
- Black gum
- Black Locust
- Catalpa
- Hawthorns
- Magnolia
- Maples
- Willows

- Bee balm
- Borage
- Catnip
- Cilantro
- Fennel
- Lavender
- Rosemary
- Sage
- Thyme

- Asters
- Callipsis
- Clover
- Marigolds
- Poppies
- Sunflowers
- Zinnias
- Buttercups
- Clematis
- Cosmos
- Crocuses
- Dahlias
- Echinacea
- English Ivy
- Foxglove
- Roses
- Sedum
- Squills
- Fansy
- Yellow Hyssop

Fruits and Veggies
- Blackberries
- Cantaloupe
- Cucumbers
- Pumpkins
- Raspberries
- Squash
- Strawberries
- Watermelons
- Wild Garlic

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