How To Effectively Sustain Weight Loss on a Raw Vegan Lifestyle

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Although it may appear as if I have written on this topic before, this is not quite the case. Now, my view on a healthy diet is none other than the Raw Vegan one. As such, my focus is always on same.

The Raw Vegan Lifestyle is not only effective in aiding, enhancing health, but it is a compilation and composition of many facets which work together for an overall benefit of the human anatomy.

If we know that fat cells store toxins, any excess body fat is an indicator of things not operating efficiently.

A diet of raw fruits and vegetables, moderately low in fats and proteins most often contribute to a healthy body. This, however is not enough to gain, claim and sustain truly healthful living. A few KEY  components would include, but are not be limited to the following:

1. Daily Movement ~ Movement in the form of exercise daily is essential, particularly exercise( cardio) which ensures movement of the lymphatic system to aid flushing of internal waste, as the lymphatic system is the ' sewerage system'  of the body.

2 Restful Sleep ~ It is important to sleep between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Studies have confirmed that melatonin release occurs within this sleeping window. The body utilizes this chemical to rejuvenate and heal/repair . Failure to utilize this chemical can send the body into an unhealthy spiral - misplaced food cravings, hunger at inappropriate times as well as  overeating and improper metabolizing  of anything consumed - long term effects - poor metabolic rate, poor nutrient assimilation/malabsorption and long term inflammation. Hence weight gain and failure to lose.

3. Hydration ~ Daily hydration ideally from hydrating fruits, along with  pure water ( distilled, spring, reverse osmosis being the better options). Hydration aids with elimination of toxins from the body. Toxins are stored in fatty cells. This is why one sheds weight rapidly during a detox/cleanse, and persons on a raw vegan lifestyle are likely to keep unwanted weight at bay.

4. Stress Reduction ~ Reducing to eliminating stress in this fast paced era is less than easy a task to accomplish, but  crucial in seeking to  enhancing a healthy holistic approach to our daily routine. This is something which may have to be tackled daily, but without a shadow of a doubt worth every effort to achieve same. Exercising(1) is an excellent way to reduce stress, especially during endorphin release. 'Stress kills' is a true and factual reality

5. Clearing of the mind of toxic thoughts and emotions( hatred, unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, et al) ~  This involves much introspection, at times with  the help of a counselor,  psychologist or Mental Health Professional  may be beneficial in assisting in achieving same for one's peace of mind and general wellbeing.

6. Eliminating toxic relationships and opening room for new, positive, supportive ones is crucial to one's mental health.

7. Decluttering of unwanted things/stuff is a freeing exercise which lends to an opportunity to embrace clarity of thought and more healthful thinking/planning.



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