What’s for Dinner: Meatless Monday’s?

As promised I wanted to share with you all the details of Meatless Monday’s with me and my girls.
When my daughters were daycare age they attended a preschool that taught them how to be healthy and make good choices. One of those healthy options was Meatless Monday’s. They only served the children meals that did not include meat on Mondays. I thought What?! Wow! Thanks for the help! Because we all know it’s hard to get babies and 2-year-olds to open wide for vegetables.
I immediately found myself participating in the whole deal too! I was so in love with this concept for a couple of reasons: One it was a healthy option that the entire family could benefit from and two I found it interesting and easy to complete Mondays meal.  (Not hard to figure out there is No Meat On Mondays!) As time has gone on this concept has grown into one of the girls and I favorite things we share.

Having no meat on Mondays has taught them that eating healthy is necessary. I won’t go into the need of have vegetables regularly helps the body a great deal speech, but just know you need greens to keep your system clean! And I know you may think “oh they only do it on Mondays.” Well no not true at all. Sometimes depending on what we have discovered a liking for, Meatless Monday is extended through Friday! Please know we are believers in enjoying a good meal and take full advantage of some good Leftovers!
This really gives us much girl time in the kitchen too! I have found that the girls (by the way they are 10 & 8) enjoy picking the meals and creating the shopping list and not just for Mondays. I just love watching them “google” meatless meals for us to try.  And the youngest wants to deep fry everything!
As they get older and I watch them make suggestions and come up with new ways to enjoy our meatless day, I’m glad that this is something we share together as a family. Yeah, I have proud monuments with this day too.
So the way we do it is plan for the month. On the last Sunday of each month we plan for the following month and then we do our grocery shopping accordingly.  Because we like to get the fresh veggies so we plan and prepare ahead.
One of the things I hope to do in my new home, is I have a chalkboard wall in my kitchen or on the pantry door. Just to add a little more fun in the mix of the grocery list and meal calendar.
                           Check out some cool Chalk Board Design at www.nestnumber4.com
However, I am grateful for the Meatless Monday’s and even as they grow up on me I hope that this will be something that they continue with their families. Not too soon, though, but I do hope they carry it on.
I want to share with you a few of our favorite Meatless Meals that we enjoy so I’ll leave you with that.  Until next time! Keep In Touch!
Meatless Monday Meals (full of veggies and all things grown):
-Veggie lasagna
-Broccoli Soup
-Veggie Quesadilla
-Sweet Potato (just add a little cinnamon sugar)
-Veggie Platter (Any of your Four favorite Veggies prepare how you Love dressed up on a platter)


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