Update: Post Holidays

Hey Ya'll.
So, I'm kinda super depressed today because, well, I gained some weight over the last week. 
Christmas happened, and then I was like "look at all these left overs I have to eat" and the fact that there were 3 bins of cookies sitting our counter.. 

I just, I let go. And I'm not too happy with myself. Now, that being said, I'm sure the majority of it is all water weight. 
Yesterday (Monday) I was suppose to start my low carb diet again, but my roommates were unpacking the kitchen and my boyfriend was already out and I just asked him to go on and bring me home some food. 

He brings Taco Bell, because he knows that's my favorite. 

So, at upwards of like 128g of carbs today, I think it's safe to say that keto starts tomorrow LOL. 
I usually work out during my lunch breaks but that didn't happen today because I was cold and working on other things.. I'll have to make sure to go tomorrow. After work is too crowded (especially with it being after New Years and all) 

I stil would like to hit my goal of 200 by June.
I just need to get my butt back in gear. 

I need something to hold me accountable, so here we are. I'm going to continue to post weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) about my progress and on Thursdays I will be posting a vlog video about some of the things I did that week. Its gonna be great fun!...right?

Anyways, thanks for keeping up with me, I know these posts aren't as fun as the recipe posts but the fact that you read them is what matters. Ya'll keep me accountable and motivated!! 
Thanks guys! 

~Until Next Time~


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