How to Embark on a Toxic Free Personal Care Routine

I like to advise people on healthier options to partake of in their lives, one such area to jump start this process is that of personal care and products involved therein. I generally no longer purchase commercial care products mentioned here.

In this toxic world we live, there are many reasons to avoid as best as possible, all contaminants that which we are exposed to. The body stores toxins in fat cells, at their point of saturation, the environs are at threat to acidity, leading to a condition called acidosis, which is  precursor  to several diseases: Heart,  Strokes, Cancer, Diabetes to name  a few of the  life-threatening ones are the most prevalent and ones which can undoubtedly be avoided.  It is in OUR  best interest to keep our products used daily, frequently and even from time to time as ' clean ' as possible. Our water, food, and air are main contributors to anatomical contamination; the mobile phones and television sets are on this list as well.

As for products, the EWG (Environmental Working Group) site is useful in helping to guide us to chemical free effective household and personal care products. I however highly recommend looking to make our very own. This often proves to be far more cost effective and we can be certain we know the contents therein.

A few items which are easily made at home are these as a starter guide. I provide detailed tutorials( one on one) to persons interested in learning more on the ' how to 'specifics.


Deodorants -  Many commercial deodorants are ' effective ' in controlling body odor, but often to the compromise of one's health, by halting perspiration as well as filtering contaminants such as aluminum. Perspiration without the infiltration of harmful ingredients into the bloodstream via skin contact can be avoided by the use of natural, chemical free ingredient deodorants or by simply making batches at home with the most Basic of ingredients : Eg. Raw Shea or Cocoa butter, lavender oil(or other scented skin friendly oil), baking soda, aloe vera. These ratios will vary based on diet, toxicity, as well as hygiene.

Moisturizers – Some of the best skin and facial products for moisturizing are quite easily found; To name only a few: Coconut oil(also offers UVA, UVB protection); Moringa oil(Aids with skin repair and antibacterial ), Argan oil(Aids skin cell rejuvenation. Raw Shea or cocoa butter, all make for good skin moisturizers. Cleansers(skin) -  sea salt, ACV( raw Apple Cider Vinegar) + baking soda.

Cleansing masks: Turmeric + coconut oil mask. Bentonite Clay/Activated Charcoal and Distilled water mask. These are two easy options.

Toothpaste: Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal powder, baking soda, Distilled water. It is essential to avoid toothpastes with fluoride. There are many on the market, which can prove to be rather expensive. One of my ' go to ' cost effective option includes combining the following ingredients in the appropriate ratios to suit: Bentonite Clay, organic local Turmeric, Activated Charcoal, Distilled water.

All ingredients listed herein are easily available and very inexpensive.


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