Hello I’m Vegan ?? I think ??

Finding at 31 that I am in need of a physical and spiritual overhaul I am so glad that the Smoothie crew saw something in me to allow me to share with you. I am not going to bore you with the details of being a single mom who hasn’t found love and wants to “lose weight to feel great” story. Because honestly it is not even about that. I am more than happy and find that with having time to myself that allows me to think and be at peace with the events in my life. Could I use some more excitement and thrill? Sure! I think we all could, the world is a changing and not in such a good way these days. Nevertheless I know that my life in terms of nutrition and having a balanced diet could use some attention.
So for the next six months I will not partake in any meats, sweets, and drink only water. Talk about a challenge! Yea I’m going in hard! But it is time for the change. So hold the meat, Nothing sweet and can I have a lemon in my water please?!
We’re here! It’s 2017 and well the challenge to live healthy is right in our laps. I thought for hours what is going to be my big first Healthy meal of the New Year?? Well the winner, was cereal!
I found out this Special K Fruit and Yogurt cereal is where it’s at! But no worries I did manage to cook my girls a full meal just some good ole mashed potatoes, green beans and wait for it wait for it, a pot roast!

What torture! I know what you’re thinking, how are you doing no meat for six months and cooking that kind of meal? Well the girls decided they only want to continue with our “Meatless Monday’s” ( I’ll tell you more about that another time). They said that’s all they can do. Because they work so hard and just need meat in their life! NOT!
So they are only 10 & 8. I figured I’d give them a break on this Journey. But boy was it hard not to taste that roast and it smelled so darn good!
But anywho, I found myself eating a bowl of cereal and feeling just find after the major dinner I had prepared.  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but come on guys it's only day 1 and there are greater days ahead.
So on that note, I thought I’d share with you about Preparing to plan and planning to prepare!
You’re saying Shara, what does that even mean!? Ok so preparing to plan. Well that’s what we all are doing right? Figuring out what is it we want to do on this journey. We are preparing our minds and our bodies our families and friends to accept that we want better for us! So knock knock get ready for rejection! Get ready to feel all alone (but you’re not, I’m here). This is all a part of the game.
And then there is planning to prepare! This is where you are ready to hit the start button. Pen to paper, fingers to the key board. When you are here its game time! Getting meals together and snacks. Finding the time to exercise and meditate on all the great and positive things that are you.
This is where we are this week.  So this Journey does require some work and We Got This! We are our own “Hype Men/ Women” You got this!
If you’re wondering where to start Michele and I were talking one day and Pinterest came up. So guess what I am currently pulling and pinning snacks and meals right from there! But more importantly I want you to know that it’s ok to have a simple cereal day. Even if it’s a fruit and nut kind of day. Just feel the joy in giving your body the pleasures of the earth! You guys remember we only have like a whole lifetime to go! Everything is a process and truthfully the process can sometimes lead us to simple days.
Well I’ll leave you with that to think about, and next time I’ll bring you the details of the Meatless Mondays that the girls and I have been enjoying for over 5 years. Keep in touch!


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