Healthy Lifestyle on the Rise!

Week one just about down and the challenge is in full effect as we approach week two. How has your healthy life been treating you?
As for me, I have experienced a little rough patch with my daily scheduling. While I have been eating super healthy and clean I have to remember to actually eat.  I have been accomplishing like every task and goal as Super Mom and even in my professional life dotting I’s and crossing T’s. All good things, but I must remember to not only keep eating clean but eat on time! Consistency is Key!
I have enjoyed this new found freedom of choice to be healthy and fearless! I’m finding that my girls are loving the premade salads I have prepared and stored in the refrigerator for convenience. I have even made up veggie snack bags that are actually very fulfilling! I have also purchased a Ninja Nutri-Pro Blender! I’m excited about trying some smoothies and new dishes this week as I plan to incorporate some new dinner ideas in this week’s meal plan for the family.  
I have my eye on a few smoothies that the ladies have suggested and hopefully, this new blender will keep me making them daily! By the way, I just Love new gadgets and kitchen appliances, but I digress!
Speaking of meal plans, I wanted to share with you all a few things. One being about a book titled The Prayfit Diet ®. I found at Dollar Tree (An American chain of discount variety stores that sells items for $1 or less.). Amazing in itself. Anywho, this book offers nourishing guides spiritually and life applications to healthy meal plans. This was like striking Gold for me! As I hope to strengthen my faith and spirituality.
The author has provided many helpful plans like complete the shopping list and recipes! Listen I know the school age lesson on the food groups is like a thing of the past but I am learning new things every day about having a healthy and well-balanced diet. This reading has given me a new outlook on trying new things and has shown me that I have become a creature of habit (especially with eating).
If you are interested check it out. I hope that it can help you on your journey as it has done for me.
Now before we part I have one last thing to share and that’s the DIY moto.
Basically, it’s just as it is written, DO IT YOURSELF!  
This week when you find that there are things coming your way that may seem challenging and they may be easier to put off on the kids or the staff at work or even to leave for a later date. DON’T! This week let’s all just put up and shut up! Let’s get the job done and feel the joy in being efficient and effective! Listen I’m doing these things with you too! We are in this together!  
The ladies of the Smoothie Crew Stella, Michele, and Jan we all are here with you in it to win it!!
Keep in touch!


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