Michele's Journey With Weight Loss: Week 1

  Hey ya'll!

I've tried countless times to workout and stick to a regular workout routine but I've always failed to comply with my own set guidelines.

I work a simple 8-5, get off work and make dinner for my honey and stay up too late with him watching the newest Netflix drama just like everyone else.

So needless to say getting up early to workout isn't an option, and doing it after work never sticks either.

I work from home, and our apartment complex has a gym downstairs!
So I decided to start working out during my Lunch hour every day. This post will track my feeling and experiences day to day!

Also, I'd like to add that I am starting this week (and journey) at 276.4lbs!

Monday:  I woke up this morning feeling cold and groggy, not optimal for working out but we will see how it goes. I haven't been very productive at work lately, especially after lunch. I find myself drinking 3 or 4 cups of tea just to make it through the work day. Around my lunch time I got dressed, dug out my Nike Flexes from the back of the closet and laced up. I trucked down the stairs (not the elevator) to the main lobby, and into the gym. It actually felt pretty great. I was already awake from working for 4 hours and decently energized from breakfast. And I had a pretty great view of the bay! 

Tuesday: Today was productive! I woke up feeling more energetic (and sore) but during my lunch break I happily trucked it downstairs to the gym and did my little bit of cardio and hit some weights. 

Wednesday: This morning I could barely get out of bed this morning, squats are no joke! I haven't really ever worked out consistently before, so hopefully I lost at least 3 pounds this week. I logged into work this morning and did some emails and my coach (manager) private messaged me and noticed how my productivity has increased! Apparently, my average handle time went up 200 seconds! Which is awesome! I'm blaming it on the working out :p and healthy dinners! 

Thursday: Today was a slow day. I woke up with a migraine and didn't wanna do much, but I popped some Ibuprofen and went downstairs. There was another person in the gym when I got there, so I was nervous and anxious and didn't do much. I did treadmill things for 10 minutes and then went on to some weights and ran back upstairs with my tail between my legs. For some reason, I am still very self-conscious about working out in front of other people.  

Sunday:  I didn't work out on Friday or Saturday because those are my two days off from work, and i needed some rest and to spend some time with my love. But today I went and I think I did pretty good. Some cardio, and some weights. Kind of a light day. 

Monday: Okay, Today makes 1 full week! I actually lost about 3 pounds last week and today my diet starts! Low carb, high protein and of course working out. I'll be adding strength training sessions at night along with my cardio during lunch. Today, however, I hurt myself on the treadmill (falling off) and I scraped up my knee pretty badly and also bruised my thigh. Exercise with caution and always be careful!! 

I will be checking back in with you all once a week for weigh-ins and to let you know how I'm doing!! 
Working out during my lunch hour has really been awesome. I'm going to continue to do it every day!
Thank you for supporting me on my journey! 

*Until Next Time*

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